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Labs & Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology

From the Provost's Office: Faculty Information for Fall 2020 Classes

Wireless Microphones - Newton

The following Lecture Halls previously have dedicated wireless microphone systems installed, with the belt-pack microphone available for sign out from the A/V desk in Newton 121:

  • Newton 201
  • Newton 202
  • Newton 203
  • Newton 204
  • Newton 214

Each setup includes an audio to USB microphone interface. This allows the wireless microphone audio to be fed into a laptop or the dedicated PC in the classroom.  Faculty will need to select “Focusrite Scarlet Solo” as the “Microphone” input in Zoom audio settings for that audio to be part of a hybrid class using Zoom. The students connecting remotely will get clearer audio from the presenter, and Zoom sessions can be recorded to the local computer as well.

Sign-out equipment will be sanitized routinely, and all wireless microphone transmitters will get a disposable cover that will be discarded after each use. Keyboards and touch screen panels will be sanitized routinely as well.

Wireless Microphones - Bailey, South, Welles

The following rooms have a new wireless microphone system. This system works with the faculty laptop to enhance audio for remote participants.

  • Bailey 102
  • Bailey 103
  • Bailey 104
  • Bailey 202
  • Bailey 203
  • Bailey 204
  • South Hall 336
  • South Hall 338
  • South Hall 340
  • Welles Hall 24
  • Welles Hall 26
  • Welles Hall 121
  • Welles Hall 123

These rooms also have disposable microphone covers available, and will be sanitized as frequently as possible. Microphone to USB audio interfaces are included to facilitate better audio for hybrid Zoom classes.

Hybrid / HyFlex Rooms

Web cams and ceiling microphones facilitate hybrid and HyFlex class delivery in the following rooms:

  • Newton 205
  • South Hall 338
  • South Hall 340
  • Welles Hall 24
  • Welles Hall 26
  • Welles Hall 121
  • Welles Hall 123
Personal Voice Amplification

The Giecy Voice Amplifier is portable, rechargeable, and comes with its own headset microphone.  The headset is wired, but the amplified speaker can be clipped on a belt. It's also relatively inexpensive.

Giecy Voice Amplifier Portable Bluetooth 30W 2800mAh Rechargeable PA System Speaker for Multiple Locations Such as Classroom, Meetings and Outdoors  $39.98

Computer Labs

Computers for student use can be found in nearly every academic building. Select computer labs may also be reserved for presentations or a class that requires the use of technology. To reserve a computer classroom, contact Campus Scheduling & Special Events at 585-245-5500.

Information about the number of seats in and software available in computer labs can be viewed on our Computer Labs and Software Information page.

Geneseo also has a Virtual Computer Lab available. For information visit our Using Geneseo Virtual Computer Labs Self Help document.

For questions about using Geneseo computer labs or other computer related problems, call the CIT HelpDesk at (585) 245-5588use this form to report an issue, visit us on the main floor of Milne Library, or email us at