Student Printing Policies

Student Printing

SUNY Geneseo provides print services to students in alignment with the college’s sustainability initiative and acceptable use policy. This policy provides guidelines for responsible printing and the management of print resources on campus.

All students are expected to practice responsible printing, taking into consideration the college's sustainability goals and acceptable use policy. Responsible printing includes minimizing unnecessary printing, using double-sided printing whenever possible, and avoiding excessive paper waste.

SUNY Geneseo adheres to the SUNY Print Initiative, which optimizes the number and location of Toshiba multifunction printers on campus and integrates them with the Pharos Cloud print management solution.

The Pharos Cloud solution lacks a user portal for easy access to print history information. CIT will manually generate print history reports for monitoring purposes. A baseline of 300 pages per semester is established as a guideline for acceptable print volume.

CIT will review print history reports regularly. Students exceeding the baseline of 300 pages per semester will be contacted by CIT on a case-by-case basis. CIT will work with individuals to explore printing alternatives, including suggestions for reducing excessive printing or adopting more sustainable printing practices.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in restrictions on print access and potential disciplinary actions in accordance with the college's acceptable use policy.

For questions, concerns, or assistance related to print services and responsible printing, please Ask CIT.