Software at Geneseo

Geneseo has negotiated strategic licensing agreements with software vendors to make their products available to student, faculty, and staff computers. Each software package has slightly different license specifications; please note what types of usage are allowed.

Most software download links require entering your Geneseo email account username and password. Some software may also require the use of VPN to connect to campus license servers.

Eligibility: All Geneseo account holders. Access to different software packages depends on the ownership of the computer and the individual's role at the college.

Related Cost: Different products that are available to student, faculty, and staff-owned personal computers have different costs depending on their licensing specifications.

How to Get Help

For questions about using software or other computer-related problems, contact the CIT HelpDesk by calling  585-245-5588, visiting the HelpDesk in Milne Library, or submitting a request through our service desk.