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Educational Technology's Toolkit

The Educational Technology Toolkit includes several tools, technologies, and resources that you can use to advance your teaching and support your students. For more detailed information, view this Self Help document: Resources and Support for Digital Tools.

  • Canvas - Canvas is Geneseo's learning management system. Your courses are created automatically.
  • Google Apps for Education - available to all Geneseo students, faculty, and staff. A great collection of digital tools for professional and educational use.
  • LinkedIn Learning Geneseo students, faculty and staff have FREE access to the entire training library (over 7,500 courses, and more are added every week) through Geneseo's site license.
  • Test Scoring and AnalysisThe optical scanning and exam grading process is a quick and efficient means of obtaining test results and statistics. Faculty administer the exam, fill out an answer key, have students fill out an answer sheet, and the rest is done by the optical scanner. This service can also be used to collect survey data.
  • Top Hat - Geneseo has a site license for TopHat use in all of your classes.
  • Turnitin - Turnitin is a originality and plagiarism prevention service available in your Canvas courses.
  • Wiki - The Geneseo wiki is powered by a software application called Confluence. This software has many specialized features that make it particularly well suited to an organization like ours. One of these is the power to divide up the wiki into an unlimited number of subwikis, each with its own name and its own set of permissions (allowing some users in and keeping others out). In Confluence, each of these subwikis is called a space. For assistance using the Geneseo Wiki or to request a space, fill out this form.
  • WordPress at Geneseo - Geneseo hosted WordPress sites can be found at 
  • Zoom - a web conference tool available within Canvas. It can be used to extend the physical boundaries of a traditional classroom, as well as add live discussion and dynamic interaction to asynchronous online learning.