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Graphic Design

The Office of College Communications and Marketing includes one full-time and one half-time graphic designer. They produce a wide range of materials with the primary goal of promoting the College and increasing its visibility, with the emphasis on external audiences. Projects range from but are not limited to, print and electronic publications/promotional pieces, internal/external signs and displays, promotional items and graphics for web and print use. They are also responsible for all elements of the College’s visual identity, including institutional stationery, departmental identifiers, artwork supply for approved reproduction, and general oversight of all items that include College identity marks.

Design services are offered to all College departments, with formal work teams established with Enrollment Management, Advancement and the Office of the President. Requests from other departments are accepted and will be considered; however with hundreds of requests per year and usually 30-40 projects in process at any given time, the ability to offer design assistance will be based on established departmental and institutional priorities, and perhaps most importantly, a reasonable timeframe for completion.

Submitting a Design Request

Adequate lead time is essential for the completion of any request. Regardless the scope of a project, consultation with design staff should be done as early as possible in order to determine a mutually-workable timeline. Submission of a request does not necessarily mean that design assistance will be offered, particularly in the case of a short deadline. Alternatively, the project may also be referred to Bronze Bear Creative, the CAS-operated design resource that works closely with the Office of Communications and Marketing. 

Design Services Request Form

Process for Design Projects

Project work can be started after the project parameters, including available budget, have been determined, reviewed and approved within the requesting office, department or division. All written information/details necessary to the project should have already been carefully proofed and approved, and represent final copy as much as possible. Departmental approvals and all relevant information and written copy are the responsibility of the requesting person/department.

Production time for all design projects is dependent on a number of factors, including scope and complexity of the project, including the potential need an outside vendor for production or installation, and/or the need for acquiring competitive bids and submitting a purchase order. The designers will help find vendors when necessary.

Designers will provide proofs for review throughout the process. Changes in copy or information once the design process has begun will cause delays. It is the requesting person’s responsibility to promptly and carefully review proofs and get any departmental approvals. Designs are subject to the College’s graphic standards.

Requests for Digital Logo Files

If the request is for a digital logo file of one of the College’s identity marks for internal use, or to send to an outside vendor, please include the following relevant information in your request:

  • Is the artwork for print or web use?
  • Is there a preferred file format? (.eps, .ai., .pdf, .jpg or .png are the most common)
  • Will the artwork be used in a particular computer program?
  • In what size will the artwork be reproduced?
  • On what color or background will the logo be used?

If the logo request in is conjunction with the request for imprinted products, the department also needs to fill out an Artwork Approval form. More information on the College’s licensing program is available on the purchasing website.

Printed Stationery Items

Letterhead, envelopes and business cards can be created and ordered online.

Departmental Branding

The Office of College Communications & Marketing has developed customized identifiers for use by departments and offices. In addition to these specific departmental graphics, which can be used for newsletters, posters, imprinted items etc., customized electronic letterhead and PowerPoint templates can also be requested.