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The Office of College Communications and Marketing creates high-quality videos for projects and news items to advance institutional goals and priorities. Examples of such videos include but are not limited to: advertising and marketing efforts, news, major events, and recruitment.

The campus has a significant demand for high-quality video production services. In order to meet that demand while still providing a reasonable level of service to the campus community, we have developed a set of guidelines for accepting assignments. Please review the video priorities below before submitting a production inquiry.

Video Priorities

The campus videographer’s top priority is to provide media for the Office of Communications and Marketing. These videos are primarily distributed through websites and social media; they tell visually interesting news stories, highlight student research, and promote happenings around campus. Major events are given precedence, including commencement and convocations, overall university celebrations, and large-scale alumni events.

The videographer’s second priority is partnering with other departments to produce video content. Please note, however:

Submitting a video request does not guarantee that a video will be created. Each video request begins with a pre-production stage involving discussions to determine the purpose, goals, and timeline of a proposed video. The time constraints of video production will affect the video proposal’s approval. We suggest that you contact the director of multimedia with video ideas at least six weeks before the video’s projected date of completion.

Requesting a Video

If you are interested in a department-produced video, please contact Mat Johnson, manager of multimedia, at

Lead Time Required for Requests

  • Major event-style video requests (for example: President's Gala, Virtual Commencement, Virtual Convocation, GREAT Day, etc.): 8 weeks
  • Marketing videos: 6 weeks
  • Informational videos: 4 weeks
  • Digital advertisements: 4 weeks
  • News/PR: 1-2 weeks 

Video Style Guide

Offices and groups producing their own videos should adhere to the SUNY Geneseo video style guide.