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Telling the Geneseo Story

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No other liberal arts college—public or private—offers the unique combination of academic and intellectual excellence, commitment to the public good, outstanding curricular and co-curricular programs, and highly competitive and routinely successful intercollegiate sports teams like SUNY Geneseo.

But in the economic and highly competitive climate, how do we ensure that our story—the SUNY Geneseo experience—is the one that will engage and resonate with our respective audiences?


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Storytelling in a way that not only reflects our campus culture and values but also generates excitement, pride, confidence and a desire to participate in our mission.

This requires language that we can all understand and relate to, and consistency of messaging; and it requires strong visuals that reflect those strengths.

Our brand pillars and brand identity provide a framework for identifying and communicating our distinctiveness in a way that we can collectively contribute to SUNY Geneseo’s success.

Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars are the building blocks that define who we are. They represent the values and attributes that make SUNY Geneseo special, and support our brand platform to tell our story. Click the shields below for more information on each pillar.

supportive community

global community

higher expectations

exceptional outcomes

Brand Visuals

Our brand image expresses who we are and sets the tone for how we visually represent ourselves. In enhancing the College's current wordmark with a distinctive icon, SUNY Geneseo's logo now represents a more accurate visual reflection of who we are—and helps us tell our story more effectively. With elements that give a nod to the College’s most iconic landmark, Sturges Hall, and Geneseo's founding year, 1871, the enhanced logo adds strength and flexibility to our visual identity.

Information on where and how to use this new addition to the SUNY Geneseo logo can be found in the College style guide, including details on other graphic elements and color choices. 

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