Frequently Asked Questions

Why Comparative Literature?

A central goal of the major is to develop a critical understanding of the ways literature functions in its social, cultural, and historical context.  The major also prepares students to pursue advanced study in Comparative Literature or in departments of modern languages and literatures, or other related programs in literary or cultural studies. Majoring in Comparative Literature can make you an ideal candidate for careers in journalism, marketing, arts publicity, museum studies, publishing, even in film and television.   Our students will acquire a wide range of critical skills and be able to think across national, linguistic, and cultural boundaries in innovative, rigorous and productive ways, making them particularly well suited for today’s increasingly globalized world.

Why the Language Requirement?

While students may obviously count courses which read literature in translation, a minimum of six credits must come from 300 level literature courses in a language other than English, to underscore the importance of language as carrier of culture.  Considering how interconnected the world has become, proficiency in just one language and culture is becoming increasingly inadequate to prepare students to meet the demands and the challenges they will face in the twenty-first century.

For more information, visit the Languages and Literatures Department website: https://www.geneseo.edu/foreign_languages

The Importance of Studying Abroad

The only real way to become a citizen of the world is to KNOW it.  Find out about study abroad opportunities while at Geneseo: