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Remote Learning Period Permission to Stay Rules and Regulations 

While you reside on campus, please be reminded that you are expected to abide by all federal and New York State Laws, College policies, the Student Code of Conduct, and Residence Life policies.  Guests and visitors are strictly prohibited at all times. Alcohol and illegal drugs, or other illicit substances, including vaping are also prohibited as are social gatherings of any kind.  The result of any violation may be removal from the residence halls.  

You are being granted the opportunity to reside on campus because one or more of the following applies:

  • you have detrimental life safety concerns - food or home insecurity.
  • you are an international student.
  • you have no access to technology.

Please be patient as we navigate this unprecedented occurrence.  

If you are not here currently, you must return by 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 22 at the absolute latest.  

If you have any key issues, please contact your Area Coordinator or Residence Director.  Also, since your RA may not return, this is a good time to reach out and connect with them - thank them for the experience so far and wish them well. 


You will notice that Residence Life and custodial services will be altered. Please be very thoughtful and attentive to hygiene and sanitation while you reside here - again only if we work together can we stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Most of the RA staff has departed for their own wellbeing.  In person RA programming will not take place, but we will create ways to engage with you.  Our professional Residence Life staff is here, but will also be limiting their in person interaction.  Their contact information is posted in your Residence Hall.

The Dean of Students, food service, and health services will be available.  We are determining how they will be delivered - in person interaction is most likely not going to occur.  As information and plans are finalized, they will be communicated with you.  

Student Conduct and Community Standards

Any Student(s) found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct and/or the guidelines imposed during the remote learning period will be subject to student conduct sanctions and may be required to leave the residence hall for the duration of the semester.  Please see The Code of Conduct online. 

  • You may not host overnight guests under any circumstances.  Visitors are not approved in the Residence Halls during Remote Learning Period.  Only approved residents are able to be in the Residence Halls.
  • You may not have another person in your room besides your roommate. 
  • You may not consume alcohol or host gatherings where alcohol is served, even if you are of age during the Remote Learning Period. If you are found to be consuming alcohol, you will be removed from on-campus housing. 
  • You may not allow other residents (including roommate/suitemate) access to move or remove belongings from any residence hall.  You may not move furniture out your room and/or from other rooms.
  • You may not take part in or host social gatherings.
  • If you are found in violation of the code of conduct or any of the rules and regulations listed above, you will be removed from on-campus housing. 

Other Items to Consider

  • During the Remote Learning Period your student ID card will only allow you access to your assigned residence hall.
  • During the Remote Learning Period, you will see a reduction in Dining Services. You can see what locations are open by visiting the CAS website.  
  • During the Remote Learning Period, all on-campus events and activities are canceled due to health and safety considerations, and will be communicated as soon as information becomes available. This includes in-person RA programming. 

Stay Healthy! 

Practice social distancing, wash your hands, and if you do not feel well, stay in bed and seek medical attention if appropriate. Be considerate of others.

  • What can you do to stay well? Get sleep, wash your hands - a lot, limit your interactions with others, practice social distancing, go for a walk in nature, eat healthy foods.
  • What if you don't feel well? Stay in your room and call the Student Health Center. (585-245-5736

Social Gatherings

Please be reminded for your and our health and wellbeing, social gatherings are not allowed.  This includes student clubs and organizations as well. Again, in person RA Programming will not occur. 

  • So how can you stay connected? Group Me, Google Meet, Whatsapp, Facetime, etc. Zoom may also be free through your Geneseo email account.
  • Check and read your email throughout the day everyday.


One last thing, in consideration of health and safety, we are only allowing students with a desperate need to stay on campus.  Because of that, we will need to consolidate all residents into one residence hall. This will happen in the future and you will receive plenty of notice beforehand.  All the details are not worked out yet. We will be in touch.  

Important Contact Information

University Police (Emergency): 585-245-5222

University Police (Non-Emergency): 585-245-5651

Residence Life RA Duty: 585-447-3656 or 585-491-2631

Residence Life Main: 585-245-5726 

Lauderdale Health Center: 585-245-5736

Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation: 585-245-5345

Dean of Students: 585-245-5706

Livingston County Department of Health: 585-243-7270