Diversity and Inclusion Community Educator (DICE)

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Interested in sparking important conversations about diversity and equity? Become a Diversity and Inclusion Community Educator (DICE)!

Who We Are

A group of passionate student changemakers trained in dialogue facilitation about diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, belonging, and social justice concepts. We facilitate request-based workshops through the Office of Diversity and Equity that any organization can request centered around topics that our team can create or already has prepared.

Our Mission

To support the Geneseo community in realizing our equity-centered ideals, the purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Community Educators (DICE) program is to equip students to be positive change agents by deepening their knowledge and self-awareness about diversity, inclusion, accessibility, belonging, and equity through the use of facilitated dialogue-based workshops.

Our Values

Growth: Facilitating the self-work and active exploration of DEIA-B through supportive and challenging dialogic programs that enable students to demonstrate vulnerability, humility, and agency.
Collaboration: Inspiring and preparing students through peer-to-peer dialogues as a catalyst for further collaborative change-making opportunities with the greater campus community.
Engagement: Providing opportunities for various units and organizations on campus to foster a shared responsibility of critical consciousness and play our role as students in realizing our college’s equity-centered vision. 

Request a peer-facilitated workshop by filling out this Google Form.

Questions? Contact odestudentteam@geneseo.edu or DICE Program Coordinator Claire Bressette (ceb26)


DICE Program at a Glance