Duplicating Center FAQs

Frequently asked questions about placing orders through the duplicating center.

What type of files do you accept?

Acrobat PDF are preferred, as they retain all fonts and information from the original file and will print the closest to the way the file was designed. We can also work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Publisher files, Illustrator and Photoshop files, pictures, and hard copies.

How will my job be prioritized?

All jobs will be logged in at the time of receipt and completed in order of time criticality. When completing the Duplicating Center Requisition, please do not simply put "rush" or ASAP." Urgent client work will be given the highest priority. However, in order to serve all of our customers in the best possible manner, we ask that you set realistic deadlines for completion as there are many factors that go into the completion of each job.

What is the turn around time for print orders?

Typically, most jobs require a 24-hour turn-round time. Larger quantity orders may take longer depending on their size and complexity.

What if I have a “rush” job?

When a rush order arises, contact the Duplicating Center immediately and hand deliver your document so that the Duplicating staff can review your requirements. When submitting a "rush" job, customers should always verify the turnaround time with a staff member. Every effort will be made to meet your deadline.

What if I just need to make a few copies?

The Duplicating Center has a walk-up copier that offers stapling and collating, along with many other features. Paper and card stock are also available in the same location as the walk-up copier. If you need assistance, the Duplicating staff is always near by and eager to assist you.

How do I submit a job to the Duplicating Center?

Complete a Duplicating Center Requisition form. Submit the job, along with the completed Requisition form, to the Duplicating Center. Electronic files can be e-mailed directly to the Duplicating Center at: printing@geneseo.edu. Please be sure to include the specifics of your order when submitting jobs electronically (account number to be charged, quantity, paper weight and color, stapling, etc.).

What if I just need a quick job, like hole punching or minor cutting? 

We will be happy to assist you, no matter the size of the job. Please keep in mind that we must charge for all work performed, so please be prepared with a college account number or other means of payment when you arrive.