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Poster Printing

SUNY Geneseo offers poster printing services to faculty, staff and students. There is a fee of $8 per linear foot (42" width) for heavyweight paper and $15 per foot (42" width) for glossy paper. Posters intended to be kept for long term display should be printed on glossy paper. All files should be at least 150 pixels per inch for acceptable quality. All prints require advance notice of three (3) business days. The Duplicating Center can only accept cash or checks.

To Submit a Poster for Printing

  • Files to be printed must be a single .pdf file sized to the actual size you want printed. The Duplicating Center will not resize or modify files. Use your last name to name your file.
  • Drop your file into the CIT Poster Printer InBox.
  • On a Windows computer, go to Start - Run & type: \\files\inbox\PrintShop\POSTER PRINTING ---> Slide your file into this folder.
  • On a Macintosh computer, use this link or click on 'Go' at the top, 'Connect to Server...' and type in: smb:// PRINTING
  • Click on 'Connect', type in your Geneseo username and password and click on 'Connect' again. Slide your file into this folder.
  • On a Lab computer, double-click the Inbox icon on the desktop, then double-click CIT, then double-click on Poster Printer. Slide your file into this folder. (Self Help: Accessing InBoxes and OutBoxes)
  • Fill out an online request form (click here to go there). This form creates a "ticket" and you will receive an email with our request information. All correspondence for this poster will come to you via email in the ticketing system.