Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The following principles guide the activities of the Duplicating Center.

Customer Service

The Duplicating Center operates on the principle that its internal success is directly linked to customer satisfaction. The manner in which we provide our services is critical to the achievement of customer satisfaction.

Services Provided

The Center takes charge of the responsibility to produce a wide variety of materials in all forms for the College and greater Geneseo communities. Its goal is to provide all services in an efficient, cooperative, and reliable manner. Quality and service is always of the utmost importance.

Attitude and Image

The Duplicating Center acknowledges its role in providing a level of service that will satisfy the College’s needs. Recognizing the importance of a positive attitude and image, the Center carries out all of its functions with a “can-do” spirit. Staff members strive to perpetuate an image of the Center in the minds of its clients as a progressive, dynamic, and service-oriented organization.