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How to Submit Duplicating Center Service Requests


Duplicating jobs may be submitted to the Center in electronic or hard copy format. Electronic files may be sent via email on the Geneseo network. Contact the Duplicating Center staff at 585-245-5636 for more information about how to submit your jobs electronically.

A Duplicating Center Requisition and Campus Account Number are required.

Duplicating Center Requisition

Regardless of whether the job is submitted in hard copy or electronic form, all jobs must be accompanied by a Duplicating Center Requisition. Requisitions are available in hard copy (in the Duplicating Center) or electronic format. This form must be signed by the appropriate chairperson, administrative officer, or corresponding secretary before any services may be validated for processing and completion. An incomplete or unclear request will be returned to the customer for clarification to avoid unnecessary printing.

Prior to submitting the requisition, the requester may initiate the process by consulting with the Duplicating Center about service costs and turn-around times.

Campus Account Number

Duplicating Center requisitions must include a valid campus account number.  Duplicating will accept job submissions from Geneseo faculty, staff, and administrators emailed to  However, such requests must contain all of the information needed to process the order, including the appropriate campus account number to be charged.  Please be advised that the Duplicating staff are not authorized to assign departmental account numbers or accept departmental print jobs submitted by student employees that are not accompanied by a Duplicating Center Requisition approved by the appropriate departmental chairperson or secretary.

Identify Date Needed

Please be sure to provide a specific (and realistic) deadline by which you need your order completed, including the time of day for pick up, if that information is critical.  This will allow the Duplicating staff to prioritize all incoming jobs according to need, and allow them to continue to give each and every customer the prompt service they have come to expect from the Duplicating Center.

Condition of Original Copies

Original copies for duplicating must be of good quality and always accompany the original request. It is important to remember that a copy made from another copy will lose some degree of clarity and overall quality and is, therefore, more difficult to reproduce.

Materials submitted that are too light or have other reasons which prevent immediate duplication will be returned to the original department. An explanation of the reason(s) why the materials are unacceptable will be provided by the supervisor of the Duplicating Center.

If materials are copied from a book or magazine which cannot be taken apart, they must be of the best quality possible.

Timeliness of Requests

Although the Duplicating Center prides itself on a quick turn-around time, departments requesting course manuals and syllabi are advised to submit such requests at least 30 days prior to the desired date of completion. This will enable the Duplicating Center to focus on those types of requests and ensure timely completion of the final product. During the months of January, April, and August the excessive workload within the duplicating facility may affect the timely return of completed projects. Therefore, to the extent possible, departments should plan duplicating requests around those peak times.

Turn-Around Times

Quick Turn-Around Times

The Duplicating Center staff pride themselves on having a better-than-24-hour turn-around time for the majority of jobs submitted.  All work is completed in accordance with the desired due date.  However, if time permits, jobs may be completed earlier than the desired due date. 

"While-You-Wait" Service Unavailable

The Duplicating Center is unable to offer "while you wait" service at this time.  However, arrangements to expedite emergency orders easily can be made with the Duplicating staff on an "as needed" basis.  However, please call ahead to advise them about your situation before submitting the job.  Requests that are deemed to be emergencies will be given priority.


Requests that are deemed emergencies will be given special attention. The original requisition and all materials for emergency situations must be submitted to the Duplicating Center for approval. Departments should try to keep emergency requests to a minimum.