Students and alumni are invited to peruse the digital yearbook collection at any time. From 1942-2000, SUNY Geneseo students produced a hard-copy printed yearbook called Oh Ha Daih. In 2012-2013, UAA students began to assemble a digital yearbook, using highlights from the College Photographers gallery and featuring student submissions. A priority of the Undergraduate Alumni Association is to document the student experience while preserving these memories for the alumni of the future to enjoy and reminisce.

Current Class Year Photo Submissions

Photos submitted via these links are used to populate a gallery of candidate photos, submitted by students, documenting the student experience. Photos submitted to E-Yearbook will be saved for generations to come and may be used in the promotion of future class reunions. 

Alumni Photo Submissions

We are particularly interested in alumni photo submissions between the years 2000-2011 when no hard-copy or digital editions of the college yearbook existed but will accept any/all submissions from any year(s).