Class Pride

In 2012, the Undergraduate Alumni Association launched our Class Pride project. This initiative was intended to unite the classes and present a symbol that would easily unify each class. The UAA selected classic Geneseo icons to represent each class year; symbols that were easily recognized but not already representative of other well known programs. Class Pride icons rotate every five years, this allows class years that share milestone anniversary years to also share the same icon.


Class Pride pins are handed out at First Knight (a celebration hosted by various College offices, departments and organizations to welcome the incoming class on the first night on campus). In addition to handing out the Class Pride pins, first-year students are invited to sign their Class Banner. Students are encouraged to keep their pins for all four years (and beyond) as one of UAA's Traditions Challenges.

Class Pride stickers were introduced for alumni at Reunion 2017 (after all five icons were launched between 2012-2016). These stickers can be placed on one's Reunion name tag and makes it easy to recognize fellow attendees who share the same milestone anniversary year. Starting with Reunion 2024 (through Reunion 2028), marketing materials for the next five years will highlight each Class Pride symbol to better educate our alumni base about this initiative.