UAA's Traditions Challenge

This Traditions Challenge is meant to be completed over the course of your four years on campus. Many challenges can be completed annually and are meant to be enjoyed over and over, while others may be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity.



Underclassmen who complete at least ten unique challenges by 12/5/22 (documented on this form) are eligible to win a replica Ice Knights jersey. The winner can customize the back of the jersey with their name/nickname and favorite number. Your prize will be ready by the first home ice hockey game of the spring semester.

SPRING GRAND PRIZE (exclusive for graduating seniors):
Seniors who complete at least ten unique challenges by 5/8/23 (documented on this form) are eligible to win a Traditions Keeper stole to wear at Commencement. The winners will be notified by Study Day 2023. 


Tips for completing the Traditions Challenge Google Form:

  • Use a paper copy of the Traditions Challenge Tracker to track which challenges you've completed and submitted online.
  • You can submit each challenge you complete in real time or save and submit multiple challenges at one time.
  • If you complete the form multiple times, UAA will compile your submissions and track your progress.
  • Be sure to participate using your SUNY Geneseo student email address.

Traditions Challenge - 2022-2023 Edition

1.    Start your Traditions Challenge
2.    Go to First Knight – keep your class pin for 4 years!
3.    Capture a sunset at the Gazebo
4.    Attend Geneseo Late Knight
5.    Take part in a hall or floor function
6.    Join a club, team or organization
7.    Lounge on the College Green
8.    Go to MidKnight Breakfast
9.    Cheer on the Knights
10.    Stroll the Roemer Arboretum
11.    Pose for a picture with Victor E. Knight
12.    Play broomball or intramurals
13.    Work in a library, learning center or with a tutor
14.    Declare, change or add a major or minor and/or make the Dean’s List
15.    Stay in a public study area until it closes
16.    Visit a professor during office hours/attend a review session
17.    Attend or present at GREAT Day
18.    Visit the Kinetic or Lederer Gallery
19.    Catch a student performance or production
20.    Attend a UAA meeting or event
21.    Participate in a local philanthropy or service project
22.    Go to a Greek function
23.    Paint the tree
24.    Attend an alum lecture or networking event
25.    Participate in a Cultural Event on campus
26.    Take a selfie with an alum (see photo above)
27.    Dress up for Holiday Fun Photos
28.    Tune into WGSU; read a copy of the Lamron
29.    Eat at all on-campus dining locations
30.    Collect five Geneseo shirts
31.    Enjoy a sub at Aunt Cookies
32.    Eat a lunch special at Mama Mia’s
33.    Watch a movie or show at the Riviera Theater
34.    Order a "college plate" from UHots
35.    Play a game in the Corner Pocket
36.    Go to brunch on Main Street
37.    Buy local produce at the Farmer’s Market
38.    Visit Letchworth State Park
39.    Get a picture in front of the fountain; Save the Bear
40.    Order a margarita at Bar-Eat-O
41.    Wing out with your friends at the Village Tavern or Intermissions
42.    Play Trivia at the Idle Hour
43.    Sign the wall at Kelly’s Saloon
44.    Shop on Main Street
45.    Attend a GOLD workshop
46.    Pose for "cap & gown" photos; individually or with friends
47.    Make Your Mark with KPC [Knights Philanthropic Council]
48.    Complete your Senior Update Form for the Office of Alumni Relations to stay connected to your alma mater
49.    Submit photos to the E-Yearbook
50.    GRADUATE – Become an ALUM

Bonus:  Come back to Reunion!

Check-out the virtual Traditions Tour produced in the fall of 2021.

Encouraging students to participate in a wide variety of campus and community traditions connects our students to the alumni who have come before. They share meaningful experiences and memories that uniquely tie them to each other and our alma mater.

The Traditions Challenge begins during students’ first days on campus as first-year students and continues through graduation and beyond. It features events such as First Knight and MidKnight Breakfast to encourage first-year students to be engaged on campus and to facilitate lasting friendships. The beauty of the Traditions Challenge is that friends can participate in these same traditions year after year until graduation, and then for years after as Geneseo alumni.

Download an 11x17 2022-2023 Traditions Challenge Poster