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In celebration of SUNY Geneseo's 150th Anniversary,
the 150th Student Subcommittee created a monthly survey for students to vote for the "BEST OF" their college, campus and community.
Next survey coming in February 2022!

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Undergraduate Alumni Association 

What is the Undergraduate Alumni Association? UAA is an organization dedicated to engaging every Geneseo student through school spirit, traditions, and meaningful connections with alumni. We encourage students to explore what it means to be a Geneseo Knight and to develop a lasting bond with our university that will remain long after graduation day.

Membership in UAA is open to all students during the fall semester and is closed to the Leadership Council, selected through an application process during the winter intersession, in the spring semester. Our external programs, including First Knight, Traditions Challenge, Holiday Fun Photos, Classic Movie Showings at the Riviera and Capture a Geneseo Sunset are open to ALL Geneseo students, regardless of Leadership Council status.

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Family Weekend & HomecomingCASE ASAP District 2 Conference 2017

First Knight Capture a Geneseo Sunset