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Mary Cariola Center

Founded in 1949, Mary Cariola Children’s Center is a special place in Rochester, NY, that serves children with multiple, complex disabilities; public and private schools aren't able to accommodate these children. Over the years, the Center has evolved from a day care to a nationally renowned agency that strategically maps out a customized plan—clinically and educationally—for every child who walks through their doors. The Mary Cariola Center is highly regarded as a leader in providing education, residential programs, and other services for children with disabilities. They provide services for students from birth to age 21. Both their Day Program and Community Service Program are supported by an Adaptive Equipment Workshop that designs and constructs specialized therapeutic equipment to support classroom instruction.  For more information about the Mary Cariola Children's Center, visit: Mary Cariola Children's Center

Mary Carlola

Student teachers interested in a placement at Mary Cariola Center are asked to go through a personal interview as well as a background check. Please note, this placement is only available for Childhood with Special Education candidates only.