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NYS School for the Blind

The New York State School for the Blind provides a learning environment where children can achieve their full potential. Specialized instruction and a full range of related, clinical and support services are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Teachers with professional preparation in the areas of visual impairments, elementary, secondary, special education work as a team to promote independence and prepare children for successful transitions to adulthood.

Parents and staff work together to help each child reach the goals in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). Classes are small in size and educational activities reach into a variety of specially designed areas including our pre-vocational workshop, gymnasium, pool and Sensory Park playground. Technology is used to augment instruction and promote achievement. Computers, electronic communication boards, low vision reading devices and therapeutic equipment are adapted to enhance each child's unique abilities. The local community provides a wide array of opportunities for students to achieve academic, social and other important goals.  For more information, please visit: NYS School for the Blind.

Student teachers interested in a placement at NYS School for the Blind must have intermediate level proficiency in American Sign Language. Please note, this placement is only available for Childhood with Special Education candidates only.