Enrollment Management Organization Chart

Leadership organization for the Division of Enrollment Management. 

Revised 10/3/2022

  • Costas Solomou, Vice President
    • Sherri Bush, Assistant to the Vice President (shared with Student & Campus Life)
    • Susan Romano, Executive Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Management
      • Amy Masters, Staff Associate SL-4, Associate Director of Financial Aid
        • Jonathan Heininger, Senior Financial Aid Advisor SL-4, Financial Aid Counselor
        • Vacant, Financial Aid Advisor SL-3, Financial Aid Advisor
        • Samantha Phillips, Administrative Assistant 1
        • Vacant, Office Assistant 2
      • Christopher Jadlos, Assistant Director of Financial Aid SL-4, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
    • Vacant, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
      • Kelly Govern, Associate Director of Admissions SL-5, Associate Director of Admissions 
      • Justine Rumbel, Associate Director of Admissions SL-5,  Associate Director of Transfer Recruitment & Articulation
      • Kevin Reed, Assistant Director of Admissions SL-4, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
      • Georgenson Anselme, Assistant Director of Admissions SL-4, Assistant Director of Admissions
      • Makenna Gagnier, Admissions Advisor SL-3, Admissions Counselor
      • Monica Weber, Admissions Advisor SL-3, Admissions Counselor
      • Suzanne Miller, Admissions Advisor SL-3, Regional Long Island Admissions Counselor
      • Nicholas Wilkinson, Admissions Advisor SL-3, Regional NYC Admissions Counselor
      • Colette Cook, Admissions Advisor SL-3, Mid-Hudson/Capital District Regional Admissions Counselor
      • Sabrina Bramwell, Admissions Assistant SL-2, Multicultural Student Success Fellow
      • Jill Leibenguth, Administrative Assistant 1
      • Tammy Sanford, Office Assistant 1
      • Jean Berry, Office Assistant 1
    • Michael George, Director of Graduate Admissions
    • Margaret Foster, Operations and Technology Director
      • Lisa Bishop, Senior Staff Assistant SL-3, Enrollment Specialist