Enrollment Management

The purpose of the Enrollment Management division is to work collaboratively with the entire Geneseo campus community to support students from the moment they discover Geneseo through graduation and beyond. The division works closely with the College to support enrollment management’s strategic and data-driven approach that informs ethical practices and promotes data integrity and transparency.

The Enrollment Management Division includes the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, and Financial Aid. The departments work in unison to support students throughout the admissions and enrollment process, from prospect through graduation. Our approach is collaborative, comprehensive, and most importantly, student-centered.

Enrollment Strategic Priorities

Outreach, Access and Affordability, and Student Success

All three strategic priorities work together seamlessly and are designed to support students throughout the enrollment funnel by removing barriers and creating pathways for students.

Access and Affordability

Enrollment is leading efforts to expand access for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic background. We recognize that the cost of higher education continues to rise; therefore, we are addressing this issue head on. One of the ways we are addressing college affordability and socioeconomic inequities is by applying a need-based financial aid model that considers the financial needs of our students, which makes it possible for first-generation and low-income students to attend Geneseo.


With support from the Chief Marketing Officer and key stakeholders throughout the College, the Enrollment Management Division is responsible for developing comprehensive student recruitment and outreach strategies that are inclusive and effectively articulate Geneseo's mission and the value of a liberal arts education in the 21st century.

Student Success

The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Geneseo 9th in the nation for four-year public college graduation rates. Working collaboratively with the Provost's Office and Retention, Enrollment Management is focused on the full life cycle of students, from prospect through graduation. This is fueled by our desire to support students throughout their experience at Geneseo.

Admissions Dashboard

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