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Photo Name Expertise Department Edit Listing
Portrait of Jennifer Apple Jennifer Apple Ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions, Molecular ecology Biology
Joshua Baecker Photo Joshua Baecker Biology
Travis Bailey photo Travis Bailey Regeneration Biology, Genetic Defects of Eye Development Biology
Susan Bandoni Muench photo Susan Bandoni Muench Systematics of Parasitic, Systematics of Phylogenetic Reconstruction , Host-Parasite Coevolution & Biogeography Biology, Black / Africana Studies, Sociomedical Sciences
Isidro Bosch photo Isidro Bosch Biology of Aquatic Invertebrates, Larval Ecology , Lake Biology/Limnology, Polar Biology , Coral Reef Ecology Biology
Sara Burch photo Sara Burch Functional Morphology of Theropod Dinosaurs, Evolution of Locomotor Systems in Birds , Evolution of Malagasy Vertebrates Biology, Neuroscience
MingMei Chang photo Ming-Mei Chang Plant Molecular Biology Biology
Advisor Brandy Eddy Biology
Ifeoma Enweani-Nwokelo Ifeoma Enweani-Nwokelo Biology
Robert Feissner photo Robert Feissner Cytochrome c biogenesis, Mitochondrial physiology Biology
Advisor Donald Fox Biology
Mackenzie Gerringer Photo Mackenzie Gerringer Deep-sea biology, Physiology and ecology of fishes, Adaptations to the hadal environment Biology
Kristi Hannam photo Kristina Hannam Conservation Biology, Soundscape Ecology , Acoustic Communication in Animals , Behavioral ecology Biology
Advisor Matthew Hatkoff Biology
Advisor Brian Hoven Biology
Betsy Hutchison Photo Elizabeth Hutchison Polyploidy and genetic diversity, Nonself recognition in fungi Biology
Varuni Jamburuthugoda photo Varuni Jamburuthugoda Transposable elements, Infectious diseases Biology
Jani Lewis Photo Jani Lewis Biology of Cell Junctions Biology
Kevin Militello photo Kevin Militello Relationship between the modified DNA base 5-methylcytosine and gene transcription in several organisms Biology
Hristina Nedelkovska Photo Hristina Nedelkovska Biology
Advisor Samuel Newberry Biology
Advisor Wendy Owens Rios Biology
Tom Reho Photo Tom Reho Biology
Josie Reinhardt photo Josephine Reinhardt Genomic impacts of Selfish Genetic Elements, Origins and Evolution of Novel Genes , Population Genetics and Genomics Biology
Advisor Cheryll Reynolds Chemistry, Biology
Dr. Tara Sweet Tara B. Sweet biophysics, neuroscience, physiology Biology, Psychology
Picture of Suann Yang Suann Yang Community ecology, Interactions between species, Biology education Biology