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Photo Name Expertise Department Edit Listing
Portrait of Jim Aimers James Aimers archaeology, pottery/ ceramics, Gender/sexuality, material culture, Maya/Mesoamerica, Climate Change Anthropology, Native American Studies, Latin American Studies
Jesse Bia sociocultural impact(s) of regenerative medicine and cellular engineering-based medical treatments, Japanese Studies, aging and degenerative diseases, anthropology of hope, kampō, medical pluralities , applied public health, creative ethnography Anthropology, Sociomedical Sciences
No portrait available. Rose-Marie Chierici Anthropology, Black / Africana Studies
Portrait of Jennifer Guzmán Jennifer Guzmán Language and culture, language and health Anthropology, Linguistics, Latin American Studies, Sociomedical Sciences
Ellen R. Kintz Anthropology
KristiKrumrine Kristi Krumrine Nutrition, growth and health in children, biological and medical anthropology, Paleopathology, history of infectious disease and medicine, forensic anthropology/archaeology Anthropology, Sociomedical Sciences
Dr. McCaffrey image Brenna McCaffrey Anthropology, Sociomedical Sciences
Portrait of Melanie Medeiros Melanie A. Medeiros Critical Medical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Engaged Anthropology, Scholar Activism, Black Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Sociomedical Sciences, Immigrant Health, Race, Racism and Health Disparities, Healthy Equity and Social Justice, Anthropology of Love, Marriage, Divorce and Kinship, Psychosocial Health Anthropology, Black / Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Sociomedical Sciences, Women and Gender Studies
Portrait of Paul Pacheco Paul J. Pacheco Archaeology, Old World Prehistory, New World Prehistory, Classical Anthropological Theory, Ohio Hopewell Archaeology Anthropology, Native American Studies
Marie-Lorraine Pipes Marie-Lorraine Pipes Anthropology
Bruno Renero-Hannan Bruno Renero-Hannan R Anthropology
Beverly Beverly J. Rex-Burley Anthropology, Linguistics, Sociomedical Sciences
Barbara J. Welker Primates, Behavioral ecology, Hominin evolution, Animal behavior Anthropology
Zhiming Zhao Anthropology