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Resources at Geneseo for Geology Students

Geneseo offers a variety of additional campus resources to support and broaden the education of students in the geological sciences.

  • Geology Seminar — talks given by geology students, faculty and visiting lecturers at Geneseo.

  • Learning Center — staffed by geology majors, provides support for students enrolled in GSCI 120/121, 130/131, 140/141, 160/161, and 170.

  • Geneseo Geology Library Resources — Browse through articles, data, encyclopedias, and websites related to geology.

  • File and Web Management tips — Get a one-page PDF document with helpful tips for accessing files on and off campus, as well as setting up and maintaining a website. For more detailed information or help with specific questions, visit the CIT Self Help guide or the Geneseo Wiki.

Physical Geology Books