SUNY Geneseo First Response

Serving Geneseo Since 1974 

Welcome to the SUNY Geneseo First Response website. We are a student-run, volunteer organization based at SUNY Geneseo that provides emergency medical services to the Geneseo campus community. SUNY Geneseo First Response (GFR) provides emergency medical care to students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Geneseo at the Basic Life Support level. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our crews are led by a New York state certified Emergency Medical Technician. The crew chief is responsible for all primary patient care, and oversees two attendant members trained in necessary emergency management skills.

SUNY Geneseo First Response is the primary EMS agency for the SUNY Geneseo campus. We are integrated into a larger system comprised of the University Police Department, the Department of Student Health and Counseling and local EMS agencies; all dedicated to providing the best available care to every member of the campus community.

Geneseo First Response- Commitment to Rejection of Bias and Harassment

As an agency, we recognize that our campus has a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students, and we embrace and value the diversity of this community. It is our policy to be inclusive and mindful of this diversity in our membership selection, training, and interactions with the campus community. As an agency, we do not practice discrimination in the selection of members or treatment of patients regardless of their culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Furthermore, Geneseo First Response is committed to providing a safe environment for all its members, free from discrimination on any ground and from harassment at work, including sexual harassment. Any unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal behaviors that cause a person to feel offended, humiliated, and/or intimidated will be taken seriously. 

Geneseo First Response will operate with a zero-tolerance policy among our members and promptly investigate all allegations of discrimination, bias, and/ or sexual harassment. Any person found to have harassed another in any of these capacities will face disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the agency. All complaints of this matter will be taken seriously and treated with respect and in confidence. No one will be victimized for making such a complaint. 

SUNY Geneseo First Response Executive Officers are in the process of reviewing and editing the constitution that we operate under so that the true values and beliefs of our agency are represented. This will allow for documented standards to be in place beyond the current executive board and our members will be held accountable indefinitely for all actions that do not fall in line with the agency values.

Geneseo First Response Executive Officers 2023-2024

Chief of Operations: Madison Geddes

Clearing Chief: Ryan Fischer

Clinical Chief: Kayla Storie

President of Affairs: Micah Hosley 

Vice President of Affairs: Thomas Festa

Geneseo First Response Executive Officers 2022-2023

Chief of Operations: Madison Geddes

1st Assistant Chief: Zi Chao Lin

2nd Assistant Chief: Julie Reagan

Geneseo First Response Executive Officers 2021-2022

Chief of Operations: Scott Dannenberg

1st Assistant Chief: Matthew Shin

2nd Assistant Chief: Clara Worrall

Geneseo First Response Executive Officers 2020-2021

Chief of Operations: Kaylee Hausrath

1st Assistant Chief: Matthew Shin

2nd Assistant Chief: Haley Saunders