Laura Evans, RN BS

Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN)
Onondaga Hall 203 N
(585) 245-6284

Hi all! I'm Laura Evans, a registered nurse (RN) in Student Health and Counseling and the Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN). 

In my 27 years of nursing, I have taken to heart the role of treating the human response to actual or potential health concerns. During my time working in hospice I felt honored to assist both patients and families through tough challenges; a holistic approach I try to embed daily into my practice. Since 2008, I‘ve enjoyed helping college students with significant transition from child to adult, physically, mentally and emotionally. In 2016, my role as CCRN was solidified allowing me to focus my attention on our traditionally underrepresented groups such as AOP, international, study abroad and exchange students, and more recently including transfers and first generation students.  

Having been a low income, first generation, transfer student during my time in college, I now feel particularly bonded to students with similar hurdles to overcome - because we can. While education beyond the classroom is my goal, I strongly believe I learn just as much from the students as they have learned from me. We give the best service when we stop and authentically listen allowing each other to be heard, supported and safe. 

I try to live by my 3H motto: Humor, Hugs, and Honesty!

If you use Instagram, follow me @ccrnassistant for events and well-being posts.

Laura Evans Portrait