FAQ, Student Health and Counseling

General Questions

What is My Health?

MyHealth is your confidential student health care portal. When you are assigned your Geneseo email address, you automatically get access to My Health, where you can schedule appointments, update your health information, and more. Using the My Health Portal provides step-by-step details for accessing and using My Health.

What do I do if Student Health and Counseling is closed?

Review our Health Crisis and Emergency Resources to find out about after-hours, holidays, and weekend services. In the case of a medical or psychological emergency, please contact University Police on campus at 585-245-5222 or for off-campus, 911 or 988. Our Mental Health Quick Resource List has additional options for 24/7 services.

How do I know that you will keep my health information confidential?

Student Health and Counseling strictly protects the privacy of information related to your personal health information (PHI) and any care you receive. For more information, including how to obtain copies of your health record, review our Privacy Policies.

I need a ride to an off-campus medical appointment or hospital - what do I do?

Geneseo's Parking & Transportation office has compiled a detailed list of transportation options for Medical Transportation; please see their page for details.

How can I submit a comment, complaint, suggestion, or compliment?

Suggestion boxes can be found in all exam rooms and waiting rooms throughout Student Health and Counseling. If you have specific concerns you would like addressed, message the Executive Director, Karen Mach, at kmach@geneseo.edu. You can also use this anonymous Feedback Form. For comments about our website, please contact our webmaster.

Will I have to pay for services? Do I need to have health insurance?  

No, you will not have to pay, and we do not require health insurance to be treated at Student Health and Counseling. Most of our services are covered by the mandatory student health fee which all registered students (including off-campus residents and commuters) pay with their tuition. We do recommend that students have private health insurance. Make sure you have a copy of your insurance card with you when you are at Geneseo, as you may need it for prescription medicines, lab work, or other off-campus services.

Is Student Health and Counseling on Social Media?

SHC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthandCounseling
SHC Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geneseohealthandcounseling
Campus Community Resource Nurse (CCRN) on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ccrnassistant
Counseling TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sunygeneseocounseling
Addiction Counseling and Prevention on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/geneseo_acp
Healthy Geneseo (Health Promotion) on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthygeneseo

Are there any current job openings in Student Health and Counseling?

You can search for job openings via Work at Geneseo.

Health Services

How do I schedule a medical appointment? What if I need to cancel?

You can schedule most health appointments online via the student health portal MyHealth. You can also cancel health appointments on MyHealth.

What medical services are available for students?

Our medical services are similar to what is offered by your primary care doctor (PCP) back home.

What happens if I need to be admitted to a hospital or see a specialist?

We maintain a referral list of hospitals and specialists in the local area and can assist you with connecting with specialists as needed.

Can I get my prescription filled at Health Services?

No, Health Services is not a dispensing pharmacy, so the office cannot fill prescriptions written by off-campus physicians. We do provide medication as part of provider visits - see Medication Information to learn more.

What do I do if I need to get a physical for graduate school, work, or volunteer programs?

Health Services performs physical exams for study abroad, employment, and volunteer activities that require physicals. For a small fee, we also do physicals for Geneseo students who need a non-Geneseo-related physical.

I have questions about covid - how do I find out more?

You can review our COVID-19 Health Information or call Health Services at 585-245-5736. 

Counseling Services

How do I request a counseling appointment? What if I need to cancel?

You can request a counseling appointment online via the student health portal MyHealth. Here you will find our online "Counseling Appointment Request Form." This form is intended both for students brand new to our office AND for students who are returning from a prior academic year. You can cancel counseling appointments on MyHealth. To reschedule, use MyHealth to send a secure message your counselor to request a new appointment. If you have not yet been seen in our office, call 585-245-5716 to reschedule.

How long will I have to wait for an initial appointment?

We generally respond to appointment requests submitted to the student health portal MyHealth within 24-48 hours (2 business days). We make every effort to accommodate students as soon as possible. We contact students both by phone and by secure messaging. Be sure to answer calls from our number (585-245-5716) and to check your Geneseo email for notifications of secure messages.

Are walk-in or same-day counseling appointments available?

We do have walk-in hours for urgent mental health concerns. You can walk in to the Lauderdale Health Center between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm (closed 9-10 am Fridays). When you inform the front desk staff of your request to see a counselor, you will be asked to complete a short screening. Learn more on the Counseling Services page.

Do you offer teletherapy?

Yes, teletherapy is an option. When you meet with your counselor for intake, you will have the opportunity to discuss your preference for in-person versus telehealth appointments. Once scheduled, teletherapy appointments are accessed via the the student health portal MyHealth under "Appointments." For details, review our page on Accessing Telehealth Counseling Appointments.

Is Counseling Services open during the summer?

Yes, Counseling Services remains open during the summer. Some of our counselors are off-contract, and our services are more limited. You can still request a counseling appointment on the student health portal MyHealth. We also contract with an online service, BetterMynd, to provide free telehealth sessions to students during summers and breaks.

Can I switch counselors?

Yes. You will need to complete a new counseling appointment request form available on the student health portal MyHealth. You can include the details of your request for a new counselor in the "additional information" box.

What happens if I need psychiatric medication?

For students who might need medication, we work with both Health Services Medical Director and a consulting psychiatrist. For more information, see our page on Psychiatric Services.

Can I schedule an appointment for a friend?

No, we request that students schedule their own appointments. You can refer you friend to our services and assist your friend with the process of requesting a counseling appointment online - use the student health portal MyHealth. For more assistance with helping skills, consider Kognito, a free, interactive online program that uses simulated conversations to help you learn intervention strategies.

How can I find a therapist off-campus?

Our counselors are happy to refer you to off-campus mental health resources when needed. You can request a counseling appointment using student health portal MyHealth - when you complete this form, you will have an option to indicate that you need referral help. To search on your own, you can utilize our Mental Health Referrals and Resources page and Mental Health Quick Resource List.

Do you offer peer counseling?

No. Alternatives include the Geneseo Healthguards, a student group of trained health ambassadors. The Healthguards work with our Coordinator of Health Promotion to provide health-related outreach programs and events. Also consider Geneseo Pathways, a peer-to-peer advocacy program.

How can I get an emotional support animal?

This is an accommodation that must be requested via the Office of Accessibility Services. Student Health and Counseling professional staff members cannot approve of emotional support animals (ESA). Review the college's policies on ESA.

Sexual Health

Are my records confidential?

All records of examination, treatment, and lab work are confidential. No one has access to these records without the student's expressed written permission.

Does Health Services provide emergency contraception?

Yes, Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) are available through the Health Services during business hours. (Please note: ECP can reduce the risk of pregnancy up to 120 hours after unprotected vaginal intercourse. However, the pills work best when taken within 72 hours; during this time, they can reduce the risk of pregnancy from 75-89%.)

I am interested in starting birth control pills. Where do I go?

You may need to have an annual gynecological exam before a prescription for pills can be provided. This would be done through the Center for Sexual Health and Wellness, a service provided by Livingston County Health visiting campus twice per week.

I  just had an exam at home from my regular doctor, can I get pills at school?

Your doctor can write a prescription for you to be filled at a local pharmacy. To become a patient at the Center for Sexual Health and Wellness, you must have another exam.

I think I might have a STI. Where do I go?

You can obtain STI testing from Health Services by making an appointment on the MyHealth portal.

What is Geneseo SEX(Ed)?

Geneseo SEX(Ed) is a peer led sexual health education program that works to provide SUNY Geneseo students with inclusive information about all things relating to sex – safer sex, contraception, HIV/STIs, body positivity, communication and consent, and pleasure. Contact Dr. Amy Braksmajer, Department of Sociology, at sexed@geneseo.edu for more information.

Health Promotion

What is Health Promotion?

Our Health Promotion office is home of the Healthy Geneseo wellness campaign, and it is managed by Dana Minton, Coordinator of Health Promotion. The Health Promotion office offers programs, resources, and opportunities for students to connect with WELLNESS and improve their health and wellbeing.

What are the Geneseo Healthguards?

The Geneseo Healthguards are student wellness ambassadors sponsored by Student Health and Counseling and supervised by the Coordinator of Health Promotion. The mission of the Healthguard program is to enhance the health and well-being of SUNY Geneseo students through student-driven outreach programs focused on positive health promotion. The Geneseo Healthguard program serves as a vital link between Geneseo students and the resources available at Student Health and Counseling. Learn more by going to the Geneseo Healthguards page.

How can I become a Geneseo Healthguard?

If you are interested in becoming a Geneseo Healthguard, contact Dana Minton, Coordinator of Health Promotion, at 585-245-5747.

Addiction Counseling and Prevention (ACP) Program

What happens if I have been referred for a mandated appointment?

For students who have been referred for a mandated appointment by the Office of Conduct and Community Standards, contact Pam Kosmowski, ACP Program Coordinator, at pkosmowski@geneseo.edu or 585-245-6060.