General Information

What are your business hours?
Hours and phone numbers can be found on our Business Hours page.

What is your mailing address?
Our mailing address as well as phone and fax numbers for our various offices can be found on our Welcome & Contact Info page.

What is your email address?
We do not generally use email for ongoing correspondence.  Current students can send secure messages to Health & Counseling professional staff members at Anonymous feedback can be submitted online to our Student Health Advisory Committee.

What do I do when Health & Counseling is closed?
There are various resources available for evenings and weekends. including our Nurse Advice Line; please go to our Crisis & Emergency Resources page for more information.

How is Health & Counseling staffed?
Health Services are provided by a licensed physician, licensed nurse practitioners, and licensed nurses. Counseling Services are provided by licensed psychologists and other licensed counselors. Other Health & Counseling staff include a masters-level Coordinator of Health Promotion, a masters-level coordinator of our alcohol and other drug program, a consulting psychiatric nurse practitioner, and various support staff. To learn more about us, visit our Meet the H&C Staff page; or, for more information on staff degrees and job positions, see What Do Those Degrees Mean?

Will the SAFE law that was passed in New York affect my treatment?
Possibly.  The SAFE law (passed by NYS in January 2013)
is designed to limit a suicidal or homicidal person’s access to firearms, and it is a legally mandated exception to confidentially for some health care providers.  It requires licensed physicians, licensed psychologists, and registered nurses to alert the County Director of Community Services and the NY Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) if you are likely to engage in conduct that will result in serious harm to self or others.  If a doctor, psychologist, or nurse in Health & Counseling believes that you may be in imminent danger of hurting yourself or someone else, he/she will consult with his/her supervisor and, if appropriate, alert the Livingston County Director of Community Services.  This person would inform DCJS, who would identify whether you have a gun permit, and if so, take steps to remove your firearms.  This law can also prevent you from obtaining a gun permit for five years following a report to the DCJS.

If I drive to Health & Counseling, where can I park?
Parking is available in the "C" lot--at the far end, there are three slots designated as "Health Center Patients." Please note that if you park in one of these slots, you must inform the front desk (Health Services) or risk being towed.
  We are building #20 on the Campus Map.

How can I register a comment, complaint, suggestion, or compliment?
Suggestion boxes can be found in all exam rooms and waiting rooms throughout the Health & Counseling department. The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) responds to all comments and suggestions; they are then forwarded to the Director of Health & Counseling for appropriate action. If you have specific comments about our web site, please contact our webmaster.

Where can I find pamphlets/brochures?
Pamphlets and brochures addressing a wide range of topics can be found at several designated areas throughout Lauderdale, including the Health Services waiting room, the Self-Care Center, just inside the Counseling Services waiting room (205), the Reproductive Health Center waiting room, and through the Health Promotion office (208).

I've heard that there is an insurance plan available for students--where can I get information on this plan?
For information on health insurance, including purchasing the student insurance plan, go to our Insurance Information page.  (Please note that this is different than the Student Health Fee.)

What is Geneseo First Response (GFR)?
GFR is a volunteer, student EMS organization made up of approximately 40 students with various levels of training. Working in conjunction with University Police and Health Services, GFR provides 24 hour on-call response to campus emergencies as well as stand-by assistance for major campus events. For more information about GFR, including how to apply, visit the Geneseo First Response home page.

How can I find out about employment opportunities/job openings at Health & Counseling?
If you are looking for a full-time professional position, visit Geneseo's Human Resources page; or, if you are a student searching for employment, go to the Student Employment Service home page.

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Health Services

What do I do if I have a health problem and Health Services is closed?
Many common health issues do not require immediate attention. We encourage you to call Health Services when the office reopens to schedule an appointment; in the meantime, you may want to visit our Common Health Concerns page for self-care strategies. A Nurse Advice Line is also available for consultation during evening and weekend hours when Health & Counseling is closed (simply call the Health Services number at 585-245-5736 and you will be automatically forwarded). For more information about this service as well as what to do in the case of an urgent situation, please visit our Crisis & Emergency Resources page.

What medical services are available for students?
Our services include primary care, as well as health promotion and disease prevention services. Health Services provides primary care for acute and episodic illnesses as well as the monitoring of chronic illnesses. We do not replace the students’ home health care provider but work in conjunction with her or him. For more information, visit the HS Our Services page.

What do I do if I get sick?
You are encouraged to make an appointment--appointments are generally available within 24 hours or less. Students who arrive at Health Services without an appointment will be given the opportunity to speak with a registered nurse; the nurse and the student will then review the options for care. For other issues such as colds, headaches, minor pain, and minor wound care, you may want to begin by checking out one of our Self-Care Centers (1st floorof Lauderdale, Onondaga South 203) or by visiting our Common Health Concerns page.

Can I make Health Services appointments online?Schedule Appointment
Yes!  You can schedule most nurse and providers appointments online at; you can use My Health to check appointment times, to cancel appointments, and to send secure messages to Health & Counseling staff as well.

What should I do if I miss class or work because of an illness?
Our staff does not "excuse" students from class or work. However, we will provide documentation of visits to Health Services if the student signs a release of information form for the professor, employer, or others. Professors and others can request this information from Health Services by using our online Verification of Student Absence form; you will also need to print and sign a Authorization to Release Information form (PDF Format) granting us permission to provide this information to someone else.

What happens if I need to be admitted to a hospital or see a specialist?
Occasionally a student will need to be sent to a hospital for a serious illness or injury, or to a specialist for services not provided by Health & Counseling. Our staff maintains an extensive referral list of hospitals and specialists in the local area. You will be referred, at your own expense, to these providers when necessary, which is a good reason to be sure that you have health insurance.

Can I get my prescription filled at Health Services?
No, Health Services is not a dispensing pharmacy, so the office cannot fill prescriptions written by off-campus physicians.  However, Health Services does maintain a formulary of various medications, and so if one of the Health Services clinicians has written a prescription for you, they will most likely provide you with that prescription at no additional charge (assuming that you have paid your health fee in full). Other prescriptions can be filled at several local area pharmacies.  Please note that as of Fall 2011, Wegmans delivers to campus Monday-Friday; prescrptions can be picked up from Lauderdale, which serves as a drop-off point.

Can I receive allergy shots through Health Services?
As of January 2013, Health Services is no longer provides allergy injections;
students requiring this service are referred locally to AAIR.   For more information, visit our HS Our Services page for Allergy Information.

What does the health fee cover?
All students pay a mandatory health fee as part of their tuition. The mandatory portion of this fee covers visits with our health care providers (as well as both counseling services and health education) who can meet all of your primary health care needs. A voluntary portion of the fee covers additional services, such as medications stocked at Health Services, in-house laboratory work, and supplies such as dressings, ace bandages, etc. More information about the health fee can be found on our Health Fee page.

What does health insurance cover?
All students are advised to have health insurance and should bring a copy of their insurance card with them to campus. You should check to be sure that your insurance provides "out of area" coverage, as you may need to use your private health insurance for any treatment that you receive off-campus--for example, having a prescription filled at a local pharmacy, being seen by a local specialist, or visiting a local hospital.  Those who do not have health insurance through their parents may purchase the optional Student Health Insurance Plan. An explanation of the health fee versus health insurance can be found on our New Student Information page.

How can I obtain copies of my immunizations or health record?
We will provide you with a copy of your immunization information and/or copies of your health records. Requests for immunization and medical records must be in writing; there is a small fee for this service. For more information, go here.

What do I do if need to get a physical for graduate school, work, or volunteer programs?
Health Services performs physical exams for study abroad, employment, and volunteer activities which require physicals. For a small fee, we also do physicals for Geneseo students who will be entering graduate school at another institution or working a non-Geneseo-related job ($35).

Does Health Services provide dental and vision care?
Health Services does provide vision tests for DMV driver's license renewal, but we do no offer any additional vision or dental services at the present time. Therefore, you may want to review our Referrals page for information on local dentists, oral surgeons, and ophthalmologists/optometrists.

Does Health Services provide services for faculty and staff members?
The Health & Counseling department's mission is to provide services to students.  However, Health Services clinicians are available to provide basic first aid to faculty and staff members when needed.  For more information, visit our HS Faculty & Staff Information page.

What if I need to go to the hospital?
Health Services refers to several local hospitals.  In the case of an emergency/urgent situation, transportation by ambulance will be arranged (billed to your health insurance).  Other information on transportation can be found via the Parking & Transportation page on Medical Needs.

What if I have a problem and Health Services is closed?
In the case of a medical emergency, please contact University Police on campus at 585-245-5222 or 911 off-campus.  You may also wish to consult 
with our Nurse Advice Line; this service available for during evening and weekend hours when Health & Counseling is closed (simply call the Health Services number at 585-245-5736 and you will have the option to be automatically forwarded). For more information about this service as well as what to do in the case of an urgent situation, please visit our Crisis & Emergency Resources page

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Counseling Services

How long will I have to wait for an initial appointment?
Early in the semester, students are generally able to schedule first time appointments with in 1-3 days.  Later in the semester, particularly around breaks, wait times might be a bit longer--up to one week or so. We strive to make accommodations wherever needed. 

Do you see students on a walk-in basis?
For the most part, no--we ask that students schedule an initial appointment to see one of our counselors. However,
we offer Consultation & Crisis services as needed.

Can I ask to see a specific counselor?
Yes, you are welcome to request a specific counselor for your first appointment. Please keep in mind that this might cause a slightly longer wait time if the counselor who you would like to see is not as readily available.

What if I want to switch counselors?
If it is a new academic year and you would like to start over with a different counselor, no problem--we will simply schedule you for a new initial appointment to see a different counselor (please indicate this when you call to schedule).  When you request to see a different counselor within the same academic year, we request that you complete our Counselor Change Request form.  We may have a more limited ability to make changes within the existing schedule, so receiving this form provides us with more information about what wasn't working for you in order to make the best decisions about your ongoing treatment.

I've never been to counseling before--what will my first session be like?
We call this first appointment with a counselor a MEETing, which refers to Meet, Evaluate, Educate, and Treat.   For more information, check out Counseling Services' What to Expect from Counseling page. Please allow approximately one hour for your initial appointment.

Will I just be placed on medication? -OR- What if I need medication?
Counseling Services full-time clinical staff includes licensed psychologists and a licensed social worker.  Our counselors cannot prescribe medication to students, and as a first line of treatment, we will work to explore alternate therapeutic avenues with clients.  However, medication can sometimes be a helpful adjunct to therapy.  Health & Counseling has a part-time (two days per week) psychiatric provider who is available to meet with students who are currently being seen through Counseling Services and to prescribe medication if needed.

What if I have a problem and Counseling Services is closed?
In the case of a psychological emergency, please contact University Police on campus at 585-245-5222 or 911 off-campus.  You may also wish to consult
with our Nurse Advice Line; this service available for during evening and weekend hours when Health & Counseling is closed (simply call the Counseling Services number at 585-245-5716 and you will have the option to be automatically forwarded). For more information about this service as well as what to do in the case of an urgent situation, please visit our Crisis & Emergency Resources page.  Finally, you can find additional options to assist you on both our Self-Help and Self-Care page and our Common Mental Health Issues page.

Will I have to pay for treatment through Counseling Services?
No. Our services are covered by the mandatory student health fee which you pay with your tuition. If you seek mental health treatment off-campus, however, you will be required to utilize your private health insurance coverage and to pay any additional fees not covered by this insurance.

I've heard that Counseling Services limits the number of times that a student can meet with a counselor--is this true?
NO, this is NOT true.  Counseling Services does follow a short-term intervention model that is appropriate to both Our Philosophy and our Scope of Services.  We offer several various types of short-term services, including Single-Session Intervention, Brief Contracted Counseling (1-3 sessions), and Short-Term Individual Counseling (most student wind up working with their counselors for an average of 5-8 sessions, but this is not a specific limit).

Will my contacts with Counseling Services become part of my academic record?
No. All student contacts with Counseling Services are strictly confidential by law. Our records are kept separate from any other Geneseo records which you might have, including both your academic and your health records. Other than in situations in which there are legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality, your Counseling Services records cannot be released to anyone without your express written consent to do so.

What if I want to change counselors?
If you want to see a different counselor than you saw in a previous academic year, that's fine; simply make that request when you call or stop by to schedule (by default, we do schedule with the same counselor you have seen in the past.  If you wish to make a switch from the counselor who you are seeing in the current academic year, we ask that you complete our Counselor Change Request form.  This allows us to obtain some information about what isn't working about the treatment you are receiving and to reassign you to a new counselor that will be a better fit.

I think that I might be depressed (have an eating disorder, etc.)--what should I do?
First of all, you can call Counseling Services at 585-245-5716 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. If you're not quite ready to take that step, you might want to read more about depression on our Common Mental Health Issues page.
  Another option is to take our anonymous online screening for depression, eating disorders, and other conditions; for more information or to try the screenings, go to the Counseling Services Self Help & Self Care page.

I have a friend who may have an eating disorder/be depressed/have an alcohol problem/etc.--what should I do?
You have several options. First of all, you can call our office during business hours at 585-245-5716 and request to speak with the on-call counselor, who can then assist you with determining how to proceed. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our counselors in order to discuss the situation in greater depth. In either case, our counselors can help you make a decision about whether or not to confront your friend as well as support you in dealing with a difficult situation. Finally, you can encourage your friend to try our free, anonymous Online Screening Program, which covers eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and alcohol use. For more information on helping a friend, go here.

Can I schedule an appointment for a friend?
No, it is our policy that students schedule their own appointments. However, you might offer to place the call for your friend and then put your friend on the line once you connect with our secretary. Alternatively, you and your friend can walk over to our office (Lauderdale, Second Floor, Room 205) together during business hours so that your friend can schedule an appointment. For more information on helping a friend, go here.

Why can't I schedule counseling appointments online?
We certainly understand that students would appreciate the convenience of scheduling appointments online.  However, most college counseling centers do NOT do this, as it makes it much harder to meet the needs of students who are in crisis and who may require a same-day appointment. Please be aware that once you schedule an appointment (by calling 585-245-5716), you can use the student portal at both to confirm times of and to cancel your Counseling Services appointments.

How can I find a therapist off-campus?  What if I want to see a therapist at home over the summer?
Our counselors are happy to assist your with getting connected with off-campus mental health resources.  Feel  free to call our office at 585-245-5716 to schedule a triage (one-time) appointment to discuss your options.  Alternatively, visit our Off-Campus Referral Resources page for more information.

Do you offer peer counseling?
No, but the
Geneseo Healthguards, a student group of trained peer educators, work with our Coordinator of Health Promotion to provide health-related outreach programs and events.  Also, you may want to consider Pathways, a peer-to-peer advocacy program run by students.

I have/think I have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD, formerly ADD)--can I use your services?
If you have documentation of your AD/HD diagnoses via testing results, you can work with the Office of Disabilities Services on campus for academic accommodations.  If you are taking medication for your AD/HD, please be advised that Health & Counseling does NOT provide these medications; review our AD/HD medication policy for more information.  If you think you might have AD/HD, you will need to seek testing in order to obtain a diagnosis. Counseling Services can assist you with referrals for AD/HD testing; our web site also provides testing resources.

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Sexual Health

Are my records confidential?
All records of examination, treatment and lab work are confidential. No one has access to these records without the student's express written permission.

Does Health Services provide emergency contraception?
Yes, Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) are available through the Health Services during business hours. (Please note: ECP can reduce the risk of pregnancy up to 120 hours after unprotected vaginal intercourse. However, the pills work best when taken within 72 hours; during this time, they can reduce the risk of pregnancy from 75-89%.)

I am interested in starting birth control pills. Where do I go?
You need to have an annual gynecological exam before a prescription for pills can be provided. This would be done through the Reproductive Health Center, a service provided by Livingston County Health visting campus twice per week.

I just had an exam at home from my regular doctor, can I get pills at school?
You can have your doctor write a prescription for you to be filled at a local pharmacy, but if you would like to receive pills from the Reproductive Health Center, you must have another exam in order to become a current patient.

I think I have a vaginal infection. I am worried it is an STI. Where do I go?
If the infection is your primary concern, then you can make an appointment at Health Services. Whether it is a yeast infection or something related to sexual activity, it can still be taken care of there. If you are due for a pap smear/annual exam, this can be taken care of through the Reproductive Health Center.

If I become a patient at the Reproductive Health Center, will I be able to get the same brand of birth control that I am currently using?
Most likely, you will be able to stay on the exact pill you are currently using or else you will be provided with a pill that will very closely match your current one; you should not experience any difficulties in the switch. New Reproductive Health Center clients will not be able to receive NuvaRing. However, a written prescription can be provided so that you can purchase NuvaRing at a local pharmacy.

I am confused! When do I call the Reproductive Health Center and when do I call Health Services for my problem?
Basically, the Reproductive Health Center (585-243-7540) will provide annual gynecological exams and contraception for women, whereas Health Services (585-245-5736) will provide all other sexual health and primary care health needs for both men and women.

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Health Promotion

Who do I contact about outreach programs?
Contact our Coordinator of Health Promotion, Dana Minton by phone at 585-245-5747 or email her at  For a list of outreach programs currently being offered by Health & Counseling professional staff members, visit our Current Programs page.

What are the Geneseo Healthguards?
The Geneseo Healthguards, a student group of trained peer educators, are available to provide workshops and to discuss health-related topics. Learn more by going to the Geneseo Healthguards page.

How can I become a Geneseo Healthguard?
If you are interested in becoming a Geneseo Healthguard, contact Dana Minton, Coordinator of Health Promotion, at 585-245-5747.

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Alcohol and other drug (AOD) program

What happens if I have been referred for a mandated appointment?
If you have been referred to the AOD Coordinator by Judicial Affairs, the Dean of Students, or another College official, please be sure to have your referral letter with you when calling to schedule an appointment. When you call our office (585-245-5716), you must inform the receptionist that you are coming in for a mandated Choices or BASICS appointment with our Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Program Coordinator, Sarah Covell.  For a BASICS appointment, you must also take the required BASICS screening questionnaire prior to your appointment (you will be sent an email with a personalized link to do this).

I heard something about a therapy dog--do you really have a dog?
Yes!  Our AOD Coordinator Sarah Covell is the handler for Sophie, a Certified Therapy Dog.  Sophie is in the Health & Counseling office most Tuesdays; she also sometimes comes in on Thursdaysl.  Starting Spring 2016, also look for Sophie to be visting the Counseling Services satellite office on Thursdays--stay posted for more information!

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