Leadership Development Certificate

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Angelo Zegarelli: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership
Greg Merrill: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership 
Carey Chappius: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership 
Shane Cowdrick: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership 
Roxanna Sammons: People- Centered Leadership
Steven Morse: Leadership Overview
Darlene Necaster: Leadership Overview
Mitch Mitchell: Leadership Overview
Shane Abbott: Leadership Overview
Robin Kapelke: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership
Heather Borden: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, Organization - Centered Leadership
Alexis Clifton: People-Centered Leadership

Tim Carey: Leadership Overview, People- Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership 

Myles Barney: Leadership Overview, People- Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership 
Kurt Nolan:  Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, Organization-Centered Leadership 

Finance and Administration in partnership with the office of Human Resources is happy to announce a new professional development opportunity available to all staff and faculty. We are pleased to offer the Leadership Development Certificate program for those interested in furthering their development. This program can be completed at your own pace and completely online via your campus LinkedIn Learning account.

Leadership Development Program Overview

The program has been designed with three separate and distinct areas of specialty in which to pursue a certificate: Leadership Overview, People-Centered Leadership, and Business-Centered Leadership. Learners may elect to complete one or all three certifications.  

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Track 1- Leadership Overview: The leadership track provides a general overview of many topics considered crucial to effective leaders. This track is geared towards those who are new to leadership development.

Track 2- People-Centered Leadership: The people track enables participants to lead individuals and groups of people more effectively, dealing with the human-side of the organization.

Track 3- Organization-Centered  Leadership: The organization track works to solve real‐life problems thereby supporting the organization while providing each individual participant with increased expertise in an area previously unknown to them.   

Each area of specialty requires the learner to to complete the Developing Your Leadership Philosophy and Inclusive Leadership courses. Then, the learner selects four additional courses from the area of specialty and one from either of the two alternate areas of specialty. 

To earn your certificate, complete the required number of courses in each track. Participants must provide proof of course completion to receive their certificate. Proof of completion includes course transcripts or certificates of completion from LinkedIn Learning. Contact Human Resources to review your documented course completion and to receive your certificate. 

If you have questions or need assistance with this program, contact Human Resources at 245-5616 or email us at hr@geneseo.edu.