Service Recognition, Awards, and Retiree Luncheon 2019

Retiree Luncheon

We honored 41 Faculty and Staff members who retired during 2018 or 2019. 17 of those retirees attended the luncheon. Each retiree received a framed Keith Walter's original photo, which was selected at their choice.

Irene Belyakov-Goodman          Sue Ann Brainard          Edward Gillin

          Irene Belyakov-Goodman                                   Sue Ann Brainard                                            Edward Gillin

Thomas Greenfield          Duane McPherson          Michael Schinski

               Thomas Greenfield                                        Duane McPherson                                           Michael Schinski

Rosemary McEwen          Joyce Miller          Lon Peck

                Rosemary McEwen                                            Joyce Miller                                                      Lon Peck

Thomas Matthews          Suzanne Boor          John Linfoot

                 Thomas Matthews                                          Suzanne Boor                                                 John Linfoot

Que Palacz      Que Palacz        James Williams

                   W. David Irwin                                             Que Palacz                                                   James Williams

Gerald Turybury        Christine Jervis

                   Gerald Turybury                                          Christine Jervis

Service Award Honorees

99 employees have reached five year marks during 2018 by completing 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service.  Each employee will receive a distinctive Geneseo pin that commemorates their specific year of service.  We have 36 employees receiving a 10 year pin, 19 employees receiving a 15 year pin, 19 employees receiving a 20 year pin, 16 employees receiving a 25 year pin, 6 employees receiving a 30 year pin, and 3 employees receiving a 35 year pin.  We also have 107 employees that have over 25 years of service to SUNY Geneseo.

10 Year Service     15 year service     20 year service

                   10 Years of Service                                               15 Years of Service                                             20 Years of Service

25 year service     30 year service     35 year service

                    25 Years of Service                                           30 Years of Service                                               35 Years of Service

Award Winners

Geneseo Pride Award Winners

Noreen Mazurowski          Kevin Reed          Phyllis Wixom

             Noreen Mazurowski                                             Kevin Reed                                                 Phyllis Wixom

Kenneth H. Levison Award of Excellence

Paul Jackson

                  Paul Jackson

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award

Melanie Mederos          Laura Swanson

                 Melanie Mederos                                           Laura Swanson