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Topic Contact
Appointments Stacy Colt (Faculty, Professional & Graduate Assistants), Heather Orme (Classified)
Background Checks Angela Crawford
Benefits Beth Shafer, Victoria Phipps
Biz Library Sheila Harris
Classification & Compensation Stacy Colt, Victoria Phipps (Faculty & Professional), Heather Orme (Classified)
Direct Deposit Meghan Tiede, Kim Truax
Employee Relations/Labor Relations Julie Briggs, Victoria Phipps, Nate Williams (Academic Affairs)
Employment/Salary Verifications - State/Students Meghan Tiede
Ethics Julie Briggs
Exit Interviews Angela Crawford
Extra Service Stacy Colt, Angela Crawford, Kim Truax
Immigration Stacy Colt
Leaves Kim Truax
Letters (Contract Letters for Appointments) Angela Crawford, Stacy Colt
Online Employment System (OES) Sheila Harris, Heather Orme
Payroll Kim Truax
Performance Management Meghan Tiede, Victoria Phipps, Nate Williams (Academic Affairs)
Policies & Procedures Julie Briggs, Victoria Phipps
Recruitment, Search Process Sheila Harris (Faculty & Professional), Heather Orme (Classified & Student and Campus Life)
Reports, Surveys, Labels Meghan Tiede, Kim Truax, Heather Orme
Pre-Retirement Planning Victoria Phipps, Beth Shafer
Professional Development & Training Sheila Harris, Julie Briggs, Nate Williams (Academic Affairs)
Student Payroll Meghan Tiede, Kim Truax
SUNY Voluntary Savings Plan (403b & 457) Kim Truax, Beth Shafer, Victoria Phipps
Timesheets & Accruals Kim Truax
Tuition Waivers Meghan Tiede, Victoria Phipps
Volunteers Angela Crawford
Website Heather Orme, Victoria Phipps
Workers Compensation Kim Truax, Meghan Tiede