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Internal Control Systems

SUNY Geneseo’s Internal Control Program is comprised of several major internal control systems.  These systems support and strengthen the College’s planning processes and provide reasonable assurance that the objectives of our Internal Control Program are met.  Some examples of the major internal control systems now in place at SUNY Geneseo include:

  • NYS Education Law and other applicable laws, policies, and regulations
  • Administrative professional handbook
  • Mission statements and operational objectives
  • Policy handbooks and memoranda
  • Organization charts and decision making hierarchies
  • Budget development and approval process
  • Chart of accounts
  • Internal audit activity
  • Equipment inventory system
  • Institutional data coordination
  • Position descriptions
  • Formal statements and policies governing hiring procedures
  • Workforce & succession planning
  • Risk management

The College’s Internal Control Program provides for a formal evaluation of the effectiveness of our major systems and their individual control mechanisms. Where gaps or non-effective controls exist, they are identified and addressed on a reasonable timetable. The status of all recommendations is monitored and updated on a semi-annual basis by the College’s Internal Control Committee.