Internal Control Program Overview


The New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act of 1987 requires that all State-operated campuses of the State University of New York establish and maintain a system of internal controls and an ongoing Internal Control Program. SUNY Geneseo has adopted SUNY’s Internal Control Guidelines and formalized its Internal Control Program.  Please take a moment to view SUNY's System-wide Internal Control Program at  http://www.suny.edu/compliance/topics/internal_controls/index.cfm


SUNY Geneseo’s Internal Control Program is essentially a program of review. The Program helps to ensure that daily operating practices and procedures are sufficient to minimize the possibility of operational failure, overspending, or other actions inconsistent with policy or in violation of law. Simply stated, the College's Internal Control Program is designed to review, critique, and strengthen the College's existing systems and procedures.


SUNY Geneseo's Internal Control Program is to ensure the:

  1. successful achievement of the College's mission;
  2. accurate capture, maintenance, and dissemination of institutional data;
  3. safeguarding of assets-including providing for Disaster Planning;
  4. programs and operations remain effective, efficient, and economical; and
  5. the College is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.