J1 Exchange Student Visa Application Information

1) Obtain your DS-2019

The DS-2019 is the immigration document issued by SUNY Geneseo (your program sponsor).  When you receive your DS-2019, please carefully check the details to be sure that the information is correct.

2) Pay the SEVIS I-901 Fee

The SEVIS I-901 fee is a government fee that must be paid after you receive your DS-2019 and before you apply for your visa.  The SEVIS I-901 fee will increase to $220 on June 24, 2019.  The SEVIS fee can be paid online at www.fmjfee.com.  Print your I-901 fee payment receipt and keep it with your DS-2019.

3) Apply for your J1 Visa

We strongly encourage you to review the Exchange Visitor Website "How to Apply" page for up to date information, forms, and fee amounts.

  1. Complete the online DS-160 Visa Application form.
  2. Schedule your visa interview
    1. Contact your closest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to schedule your visa interview and to learn any specific visa requirements.
    2. Find your U.S. Embassy or Consulate
    3. Collect your supporting documents. You will need:
      1. Your DS-2019 from SUNY Geneseo
      2. Your DS-160 Visa Application Form
      3. Valid Passport:  Your passport must have a validity date at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in the U.S.
      4. One 2x2 (passport-sized) photo:  See photo requirements.
      5. Check your U.S. Embassy or Consulate for any additional country-specific requirements
  3. Attend your Visa Interview

4)  Review the Preparing for Departure information on our website

5)  Arrival in the U.S.

You may enter the U.S. with your J1 visa up to 30 days before the start of your program.  Upon arrival, you will pass through passport control and customs inspection.  Be sure to carry your DS-2019 and passport with you!  Do not put these documents in to your checked luggage as you will not have access to them before entering passport control.

Your electronic I-94 entry record will be created at the Port of Entry and can be viewed online anytime.  Your passport should be stamped with J1 and D/S.  If you do not see this stamp, check with a CBP official BEFORE leaving the customs area.

6) Have questions?  We are happy to help!

While we have no control over the issuance of visas, we are happy to answer questions and give advice throughout this process.  Email isss@geneseo.edu for assistance.  You can find more visa information for Exchange Students on our Study Abroad Office website.