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Athletic stadium at sunset.


Intramural Sports

Mission Statement

Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation at Geneseo are considered an integral part of the educational process that aspires to combine a rich co-curricular life with an already established rigorous curriculum. The department of athletics and recreation provides a wholesome environment in which students can enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits of intercollegiate athletics and recreational activities, making participation part of a well-balanced and enriched life.

How Do I Participate?

Any student, faculty, or staff member can sign up for any event until the deadline for that event or the event is full. Pay with your credit card at our on-line for Leagues here  and Tournaments here.


Once you have paid for the Leagues here or Tournaments here, you will be redirected to complete the online Intramurals registration form. For a team to be registered, we must receive both the form submission and your fee payment.