Employee Handbook

Basketball Workers 07

Basketball Supervisors and Referees

 Volleyball Supervisor and Referees picture

Volleyball Supervisor and Referees

Mission Statement

Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation at Geneseo are considered an integral part of the educational process that aspires to combine a rich co-curricular life with an already established rigorous curriculum. The department of Athletics and Recreation provides a wholesome environment in which students can enjoy the physical, mental and social benefits of intercollegiate athletics and recreational activities, making participation part of a well-balanced and enriched life.

Intramural Monitor - Begins at $13.20 an hour


1. Intramural league and event setup during afternoons, evenings, and weekends.
2. Weekly evaluation and management of their sport officials.
3. Complete appropriate paperwork for all events.
4. Keep score of events.
5. Attend weekly supervisor meetings with the Intramural Director.
6. Other duties, as assigned.

Intramural Referee - Begins at $13.20 an hour


1. Experience is preferred, but not required.
2. Hours are flexible, to suit your schedule.
3. Required to attend training clinics for each sport that they will officiate. Training will vary from 3 - 6 hours. If a person completes training and becomes a referee, he or she will be paid for the clinics.

 Flag football Supervisors

Flag Football Supervisors and Referees

Fall 2006 Broomball Refs

Broomball Supervisor and Referees


There will be mandatory weekly meetings for student monitors. The purpose of the meetings is to provide new information, change policies and discuss any problems that happened during the past week. The monitors are responsible for relaying pertinent information to their referees.

Good Officiating

The Following are essential:

1. Judgment
2. Mechanics and Technique
3. Knowledge of the Rules
4. Physically Fit to Perform the Job Responsibilities
5. Dress Code
6. Never Stop Learning
7. Quick and Positive Decisions
8. Don't be the Center of Attention
9. Respect Fellow Employees
10. Keep the Game on Schedule

Equipment Misuse Policy

There is an automatic $20.00 for the intentional misuse of equipment by any intramural participant. Players will have to pay the replacement price if the equipment cannot be used again. The intramural department will withhold the forfeit fee until the equipment is paid for.

Fall 2006 Arean Football Refs

Arena Football Supervisor and Referees

Fall 2006 Dodgeball Refs

Dodgeball Supervisor and Referees

Accidents and Injuries

If an intramural participant gets injured during a league or tournament, the intramural monitor should be notified immediately. The university police will be called if the injury is deemed serious by the intramural monitor. If bleeding occurs anywhere on the participant's body, it must be cleaned and covered before he or she re-enters the contest. 


Before a student can begin working, they must fill out the paperwork listed below:

1. Student Assistant Appointment Form
2. W-4 Form
3. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
4. An I9 must be on file with the SES. In order to complete the I9, a student must present one original document from each group.

Group I

  • Valid Driver's license with photo
  • SUNY Geneseo ID card with photo

Group II

  • U.S. Social Security Card
  • Certified copy of U.S. birth certificate

Or one of these Original Documents:
U.S. Passport
Certificate of U.S. citizenship
Certificate of Naturalization
Unexpired foreign passport including INS authorization for employment
Alien registration Receipt Card with photo

Bring the I9 documents to the Payroll / Human Resource office in Doty Hall 318. The phone number is 245-5616. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Fall 2006 Floor Hockey Refs

Floor Hockey Supervisor and Referees

Fall 08 Outdoor Soccer Refs

Outdoor Soccer Supervisors and Referees


1. Do not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior.
a. Arguing with officials
b. Taunting opponents
c. Excessive physical contact

2. Eject a player if they attempt to punch, kick, or shove an opponent.

3. Any player that is ejected from an intramural game will face a minimum of a one game suspension from league. The player is suspended from play until he or she meets with the intramural director to discuss the incident.

4. An ejected player must leave the premises of the intramural game immediately. If the player does not comply, the game will be forfeited with their team receiving a loss.

5. Call University Police if a person is out of control (UP - 5651).


During the semester, the Intramural Director will evaluate all student employees relative to their job responsibilities. The purpose of the evaluation is to give constructive feedback on improving a worker's job performance. There is always room for improvement. Awards, references, and continued employment are all taken into consideration at the end of each semester. An example of what will be looked at over the course of a semester are:

1. Dependability
2. Attitude
3. Judgement
4. Knowledge
5. Quality of work
6. Quantity of work

 Outdoor soccer supervisor and referees

Outdoor Soccer Supervisor and Referees

Alcohol Infractions

Consumption of alcohol by any employee, player or spectator is prohibited. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who violates this policy. A player will be ejected from the game and will not play the rest of the intramural season. A team will be penalized if spectators who are supporting them break this policy.


1. Intelligence
2. Is always on time
3. Knows when to ask for help
4. Follows instructions carefully
5. Communicate effectively
6. Interest in helping others
7. Positive attitude
8. Maintain a safe environment


It is your responsibility to find a substitute for the intramural games if you are not able to make your scheduled game. The monitor of each sport will provide updated phone lists for each intramural sport. Do not wait until the last minute to look for a sub. If you cannot find a sub, you must be there for you scheduled work hours.


Intramural employees may be placed on probation, suspended, or dismissed for any of the following:

1. Lack of production
2. Poor attendance
3. Not performing job responsibilities
4. Mistreating coworkers
5. Failure to follow the student conduct code
6. Other causes may result in dismissal as determined by the Intramural Director