Ahmad Almomani

Associate Professor of Mathematics
South Hall 330B

Ahmad Almomani has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2017.



  • MATH 222: Calculus II

    Topics studied are methods of integration, applications of definite integrals, sequences, improper integrals, and series, parametric equations and polar coordinates.

  • MATH 326: Differential Equations

    A study of the methods of solving ordinary differential equations, and some of the applications of these equations in the physical sciences and geometry.

  • MATH 348: Oral Presentation &Res Seminar

    In this course, the student will research a mathematical topic and prepare for an oral presentation based on that research. Students will learn about research resources such as journals and electronic databases, mathematical writing conventions and presentation techniques. Students will prepare a talk of at least one half hour in length to be presented in a public forum.