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Test Preparation

Graduate School

Students planning to attend graduate school in mathematics may need to take the Graduate Record Examination general exam as well as the GRE mathematics subject exam. The requirements depend on the graduate school and the program. Generally, the more selective the program the more likely it is that both exams are required.

In the fall semester every year,a faculty member from the Mathematics Department offers a review class for the GRE mathematics subject exam extending over an 8-10 week period during which problems from previous exams are reviewed. The purpose of the class is two-fold: to provide students with some familiarity with the kinds of problems as well as the level of difficulty of the problems which appear on the exams and to review some of the important and relevant topics from various undergraduate mathematics courses.

If you are interested in a review session, please inquire EARLY in the fall.

Students may obtain information about both the general and the subject exams directly from the website here.

New York Teacher Tests

The information below applies to students who will graduate from SUNY Geneseo with a B.A. in Mathematics and teaching certification at either the elementary or secondary level.

What tests are required for certification in New York State?

Effective February 2, 2004, to receive an initial New York State teaching certificate in adolescent mathematics, candidates are required to achieve passing scores on the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), the secondary version of the Assessment of Teaching Skills -Written (ATS-W), and a Content Specialty Test (CST) in mathematics.

The New York State testing requirements for specific teaching certificates are available from the Office of Teaching Initiatives. Visit their website at for more information.

What does each test cover?

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST)
    • The Liberal Arts and Sciences Test consists of multiple-choice test questions and a written performance assessment. Candidates taking the test are asked to demonstrate conceptual and analytical skills, critical-thinking and communication skills, and multicultural awareness. The test covers scientific and mathematical processes, historical and social scientific awareness, artistic expression and the humanities, communication skills, and written analysis and expression. The LAST is required for a provisional certificate.
  • Assessment of Teaching Skills – Written (ATS-W).
    • There are two versions of the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written, elementary and secondary. Both versions consist of multiple choice test questions and a written assignment. These tests address knowledge of the learner, instructional planning and assessment, instructional delivery, and the professional environment. The ATS-W is required for a provisional certificate.
  • Content Specialty Test (CST).
    • The Content Specialty Test for mathematics contains multiple choice questions. Scientific calculators are provided for the mathematics test. The CST is required for a permanent certificate.

How can I get more information?

For more information, contact the Career Services Office, Blake A 104, 585-245-5721, or check out their web site at Additional information is available through .