Cultural Harmony Week

Cultural Harmony Week 2021: October 18th to 23rd


The annual observance of Cultural Harmony Week (3rd week in October)  has become a tradition at Geneseo that truly puts into practice the sentiments expressed in its mission and values statements. At its inception, the week was designed to

explore issues of race, ethnicity and culture. Now, several years later, this annual event seeks to provide programming that addresses a wide variety of community and diversity issues.

Planned by a campus-wide, ad-hoc committee it is envisioned as an extension of the Social Sciences core requirement which works to deepen students' understanding and awareness of important aspects of human behavior and social organization, to increase students' understanding of the human condition and human institutions, as well as, to augment the Non-Western Traditions graduation requirement seeking to focus students' attention on ideas, experiences, and concepts existing outside Western traditions.

A full-week of programming ranging from the academically staid to fun and interactive, Cultural Harmony Week activities always focus on learning outcomes. Participation by students in a few of the week's programs, over each of the four years of their collegiate career, can make a notable impact, furthering the stated goal of encouraging intellectual engagement and personal growth through high quality curricular and co-curricular programming.


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October 20

International Pronouns Day Come and celebrate International Pronouns Day in the Union lobby. There will be a table with pronouns stickers and buttons, and some information on how to use gender pronouns properly. The table will be up from 11 am to 5 pm.
Thursday, October 21 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Mark Orbe
  • Dr. Mark Orbe is an internationally known educator, author, and consultant/trainer. He coined the well-respected Co-cultural theory, which is a framework to provide insight into the communication process, behaviors, and attitude of individuals with little societal power, within the societal structure.
  • Doty Recital Hall, 205; 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM
Wednesday, October 27

Author Q&A: Dr. Lauren Wadsworth and Dr. Stephanie Pinder-Amaker


Did that just happen?!: Beyond “Diversity” -- Creating Sustainable and Inclusive Organizations

Enjoy these performances by Geneseo musicians, led by Dr. Leah McGray, in honor of Cultural Harmony Week: