Umoja House Living-Learning Community

Umoja House is Geneseo's newest Living-Learning Community (LLC), starting in Fall 2021! Umoja House will create an engaged intellectual community where students of diverse backgrounds can come together in a supportive environment to celebrate their identities while nurturing their leadership skills. Umoja is the first principle of Kwanzaa, meaning "unity."

Erie Hall

Erie Hall during spring

Quick Facts

  • Located in Erie Hall
  • Open to students from all years.
  • Executive board and house members lead initiatives.
  • Faculty Fellow. Each year a faculty member will coordinate an academic aspect of Umoja House and actively participate in the community; Course offered XLRN 102 - Leadership & Unity in a Diverse World
  • Monthly Umoja House meal and activities
  • Intersections discussion series. This series allows campus community members to participate in discussions that explore issues at the intersections of race/ethnicity and politics, media, health, etc. 
  • Umoja House members participate in the Common Read Program.
  • Returning students will offer support to first-year Umoja House residents.
  • New, special Residence Life student staff position: Umoja House Coordinator.  This student has a strong residence life background and will assist in building community among the residents.

Students living in Umoja House will:

  1. Support the needs of students of color by designing and running programs, events, and dialogue in a community-centered space.
  2. Explore multiple ways of being and knowing.
  3. Create changes they want to see in their communities.
  4. Examine the impact of social justice leaders and movements on current events.
  5. Explore traditions and norms of other cultures.

How to Apply

Returning students - when you fill out your housing application and roommate preference form in March, look for "Umoja House" and answer all the questions.  For more information visit our Housing for Returning Students page.

New students - application questions for Umoja House are part of your regular housing application process. When you fill out your housing application and roommate preference form on Symplicity, look for "Umoja House" and answer all the questions. For more information, visit our Housing for New Students page.

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