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XRLN 201 (also known as Real World Geneseo), now in its 8th year, was approved by College Senate as Geneseo's first "Extreme Learning" course. This high-impact learning experience, offered every Spring semester, builds a strong foundation for cultural competency within and beyond the Geneseo community.

The 2-credit course, primarily for sophomores and juniors, includes:

3 1/2 day intensive off-campus retreat
(at no cost to students)

Real World Geneseo class

Weekly academic seminar
(in 2017 held Tuesdays, 4:00-4:50 pm).

Real World Geneseo students listen to a talk

Service learning project
(designed and implemented by students)

Real World Geneseo service learning

The retreat is facilitated by Geneseo faculty and staff. Students explore issues related to power, privilege, social class, gender, ethnicity & race, sexual orientation, religious differences, age, and physical/mental ability. Workshops, exercises, presentations, and discussions allow participants to examine how these issues affect both their academic and co-curricular lives on campus and beyond, and to explore their own values and beliefs.

In 2017, the retreat will be held January 12-15, 2017 at a hotel in downtown Rochester. There is no cost to participants. Students will be picked up at the airport or bus station on Thursday, January 12, or may drive to the hotel. Students will be transported to campus on Sunday January 15.

Questions? Contact Fatima Rodriguez-Johnson, Susan Norman, or Profs. Becky Glass, Wes Kennison

To register for XLRN 201 in Spring 2017:

  1. Obtain "permission of instructor form" from Profs. Becky Glass or Wes Kennison
  2. Register online
  3. Complete an Information Form, which will be provided.


The videos below are samples of those created by Real World Geneseo students at the class retreat.