BA in Musical Theatre

The BA in MUSICAL THEATRE is a pre-professional degree in music, theatre, and dance, with an emphasis on developing the techniques necessary for the integration of these three disciplines.  Our faculty creates an environment where aspiring musical theatre artists can begin a career and where powerful transformational experiences occur. Central to this process is our small class size that allows for individual attention and interaction with faculty.  This selective approach allows our faculty to attend to each student’s individual vocal, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.  While the program’s primary aim is to produce young artists who can sing, dance, and act with technical ease and facility, our curriculum reflects Geneseo’s broader commitment to a rich and thorough liberal arts-based education. Critical, analytical, and independent thinking, as well as a critical-historical understanding of the art form, provide essential foundations for students’ creative work. The BA in Musical Theatre requires an entrance audition.  Audition information may be found here.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS                                                                                             42 credits
MUSC 160                 Choral Organization                                                              2 credits                     
MUSC 189, 190         Music A and B                                                                         6 credits
MUSC 222                  Stage Musicals                                                                        3 credits
MUSC 251*                Intermediate Studio Instruction (Voice)                             4 credits
MUSC 280                  Musical Theatre Performance I: Foundations                   3 credits
MUSC 351                  Advanced Studio Instruction (Voice)                                   4 credits
MUSC 380                  Musical Theatre Performance II:                                         2 credits
                                    Characterization & Scene Study
MUSC 381                  Musical Theatre Performance III:                                           1 credit
                                    Portfolio & Auditions Techniques
MUSC 399                  Directed Study: Senior Musical Theatre Project                 2 credits
THEA 130                   Introduction to Technical Theatre                                        3 credits
THEA 140                   Play Analysis for the Theatre                                                 3 credits
THEA 221                   Acting I                                                                                       3 credits
THEA 311                   Directing I                                                                                  3 credits
THEA 320                   Acting II                                                                                      3 credits
*Prerequisites: Two semesters of MUSC 151 and permission of instructor
ELECTIVES                                                                                                                       9 credits
Three courses, selected under advisement from:                                                   6 credits
MUSC 201; DANC 201**, 202**, 203**, 204**, 301, 302, or 303
One course from:                                                                                                           3 credits
DANC 222 or             Dance History as a 20th-Century Art                                   
MUSC 227 or              Music in Western Civilization since 1750
THEA 203                   History of the Theatre since the 17th Century
**Prerequisites of DANC 101-104 or equivalent and permission of instructor
1.  Participation in Weekly Voice Seminar.
2.  Participation in music department-sponsored musical theatre productions each semester in the major.
3.  Jury examination each semester in MUSC 151-351.
4.  Performance each semester in the major in a Friday afternoon recital or in some other public, faculty-
sponsored event approved by the Coordinator of Musical Theatre and the Coordinator of Vocal Studies.
5.  Junior Review.
MINIMUM COMPETENCY REQUIREMENT: A grade of C- or better is required for each required course