The NYC Immersion

Connections and Classes in the Heart of NYC

Our musical theatre program is the launching pad from which you can dive into your career in the arts with drive, excitement, and thorough preparation. While we prioritize personal and artistic growth on campus, we also provide our students with a practical bridge between their educational life and the professional world.

To that end, all musical theatre majors take professional development classes in their junior and senior year that culminate in an annual trip to New York City. B.A. and B.P.S. majors spend their spring break together in The Big Apple, participating in workshops and masterclasses with industry professionals, seeing shows, and meeting Geneseo’s vivid network of successful alumni.

By the week’s end, our students feel prepared to join the professional world and are already connected to supportive contacts in New York City’s bustling musical theatre scene.

New York City

The NYC Immersion is an incredible opportunity for our students to experience musical theatre as an art and a business in a fast-paced, flourishing setting. Students will see what “a day in the life” entails as a working professional in the arts, as well as apply all that they’ve learned at Geneseo to their masterclass and showcase performances.

The Many Opportunities of The NYC Immersion

Intro To NYC — Junior Musical Theatre Majors
All musical theatre majors enroll in the Trends & Entrepreneurship class in their junior year. This class discusses the basics of the musical theatre profession from a business perspective, and culminates in Intro To NYC — the week-long trip to New York City for masterclasses, workshops, and get-to-know-you’s.

NYC Connections — Senior B.A. Musical Theatre Majors
Seniors in the B.A. in Musical Theatre program take the Musical Theatre Connections class in their final semester. These students accompany the juniors to New York City as a part of the B.A. NYC Connections experience. The B.A. seniors’ time in New York City builds upon the foundations that were laid the year prior in their Intro To NYC class, and professional connections are fostered within the industry to ready them for their upcoming graduation.

NYC Experience — Senior B.P.S. Musical Theatre Majors
Seniors in the B.P.S. in Musical Theatre program enroll in the Senior Showcase class in the spring of their final year. Along with the junior class, they join the B.A. seniors for masterclasses and networking opportunities as they experience all that NYC has to offer. In addition to grounding themselves in the city, B.P.S. seniors perform their Senior Showcase as a part of their NYC Immersion experience.

The Senior Showcase is an opportunity for our graduating B.P.S. students to share their work with agents, managers, casting directors, industry professionals, alumni, and friends. This performance not only serves as their introduction to many professional connections, but it’s also a celebration and culmination of the transformational experiences that our students have achieved in their years of training.


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