The Music BA: Music Business, Recording, and Production Track

When we watch films, listen to music, and play video games, it is often easy to overlook all of the people and labor behind the scenes. There is a sound engineer sitting at the mixer as an orchestra records a film score. There is a podcast editor trimming down a conversation. There are also lawyers drafting the licenses that allow artists to “sample” the music of others. If you want to become a professional in the music business, you'll need to learn how the industry works! The Music BA with a focus in music business, recording, and production approaches the study of music in just this way. In addition to taking traditional music history and theory classes, students take a sequence of courses in music technology, film and game scoring, music recording and production, and music entrepreneurship. Students will gain hands-on experience recording, producing, scoring, and drafting business plans through their coursework and final capstone project.

Every student declaring a Music BA elects to focus in either Music Performance; Musicology HiTEC; Jazz and American Music Studies; or Music Business, Recording, and Production. Regardless of their chosen area of focus, all students begin with a set of basic requirements that balance training in musicianship with methods for critical inquiry. Students electing to focus in Music Business, Recording, and Production complete additional, specialized coursework, leading to an individualized applied learning project. There is no audition, performance, or recital requirement for the Music BA track in Music Business, Recording, and Production. 

For more information on learning outcomes and degree requirements, please see the college bulletin