VIDEO: Anthropology Research—Livingston County Poorhouse Burial

Tia Blossomgame ’25 and adjunct lecturer of anthropology Kristi Krumrine (SUNY Geneseo/Mat Johnson)

In June 2024, a burial site was unearthed in a residential area in Geneseo, NY. When bones were discovered, the local police called Kristi Krumrine, adjunct lecturer of anthropology, to verify that they were human remains. Now the remains reside in her lab on campus, where she and Tia Blossomgame ’25, an anthropology major conducting summer research through the McNair Scholars Program, are piecing together the body and learning about this forgotten individual's life.

To learn about the preserved brain matter discovered in the remains, check out this video. To learn about the burial's context and the resulting analysis, watch the video below.


Mat Johnson
Office of Communications and Marketing