Jonathan Auyer

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Welles 107D

Jonathan Auyer joined the Philosophy Department in 2019. His areas of interest are Ethics (including Applied, Ethical Theory, and Technology and Ethics), Philosophy of Art, and Free Speech. His dissertation was on Ernst Gombrich's representational theory of Illusion. He also teaches at Monroe Community College.


Curriculum Vitae


  • B.S., Studio Art, Roberts Wesleyan College (2003)
    M.A., Philosophy, SUNY Albany (2006)
    Ph.D., Philosophy, SUNY Albany (2013)


  • HONR 206: Topic: Technology and Values

    This seminar is an introduction to a topic or set of topics drawn from the humanities and/or other disciplines, as designated by the subtitle. Typical subtitles are: Great Works of the Non-Western World, Wagner and Wotan, Dante and Cosmology. The course is designed to engage all students and will not assume any prior knowledge of the discipline(s) involved. As a seminar, the class will focus on a lively discussion and analysis of the issues. May be repeated more than once only with permission from director of the Honors Program. Prerequisites: HONR 202 or permission of program director. Offered once per year

  • PHIL 225: Philosophy of the Arts

    An inquiry into the concepts of art and good art. Could soundless music," "Don Giovanni," "Brillo Boxes," the Sistine ceiling, Rambo III, and Macbeth possibly fall under one concept? Who is to say that the Beatles are better than Bach, or that Warhol is worse than Watteau ... or have we asked the wrong question? " Not offered on a regular basis

Past Classes

INTD 105 Free Speech and the Arts
HONR 202 Impact of Social Media
F/HONR 204 Why do the Arts Matter?
F/HONR 204 Fictional Emotions
PHIL 130, Ethics
PHIL 131, Justice and Ethics in Modern America (Summer Institute)
PHIL 225 Philosophy of the Arts
XLRN 102, Experiential Learning