Philosophy Program Information

There are many benefits to studying Philosophy at Geneseo:

  • Small class sizes. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the average class size for all 200- and 300-level PHIL classes was under 25, with many classes under 20. This allows us to get to know each student and actively guide their development.
  • A wide range of courses and topics. Our faculty currently have expertise in more than 20 areas of philosophy—and in most of those areas, we have more than one faculty member with expertise.
  • Individual attention via directed studies and thesis supervision. Over the last five years, philosophy faculty have supervised over 30 directed studies and theses.

Our major and minor programs combine rigorous expectations with the ability to customize your experience. Our new major (introduced in the Fall 2021 semester), for example, requires only 33 credit hours (11 courses). The overall small size of the major leaves plenty of room to pursue other interests—whether in the form of a second major, a minor, or just a wide range of electives. This also allows students maximal freedom to study abroad or to pursue internships. 

Prospects for Graduate School

Our program is strong enough to get our students into several of the top graduate programs in philosophy throughout the United States. Several of our recent alumni are pursuing advanced degrees in philosophy in programs at Berkeley, Columbia, Notre Dame, Duke, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), Purdue, and Binghamton.