The Skeptic Publishes Professor's and Student's Work

Philosophy News

The UK's longest-running periodical for skeptical analysis, The Skeptic, recently published essays by both adjunct instructor of Philosophy, Dave Hahn, and his student, Claire George.

Hahn's essay, "Understanding conspiracy theory tactics: moving the goalposts," offers strategies for identifying a common rhetorical maneuver employed by many defenders of conspiracy theories, along with a key step to promote productive discussion in the face of that rhetorical maneuver. This is Hahn's sixth publication in The Skeptic, most of which probe the increasing appeal of conspiracy theories in public discussions of vital issues.

Hahn completed his PhD at the University of Buffalo, writing a dissertation entitled, "Appeal to Conspiracy: A Philosophical Analysis of the Problem of Conspiracy Theories and Theorizing." He regularly teaches a section of INTD 105 that focuses on conspiracy theories.

Claire George was a student in Hahn's INTD 105. Hahn encouraged her to submit one of the essays she wrote for that class to The Skeptic, and the result was the publication of "A rotten apple spoils the barrel: the fad of drinking apple cider vinegar to lose weight." George's essay offers a critical assessment of claims suggesting that drinking apple cider is a healthy approach to weight loss. She cites a lack of scientific evidence to support the claim, and raises concerns about long-term health effects from adopting this weight-loss strategy.

George is pursuing Early Childhood and Childhood Education, with a concentration in Natural Science.

This is a remarkable example of Geneseo's emphasis on mentorship of students. Congratulations to both Hahn and George!