The Office of Scheduling, Events and Conference Services administers and enforces the Facilities Use Policy. The Office of Scheduling, Events and Conference Services provides scheduling, physical arrangements, event planning, and facility use coordination to all campus departments and constituents (CAS, Facilities, Custodial Services, Tech Support, CIT, etc). This policy extends to employees, students, and off campus users.

The Freedom of Information Law (Public Officers Law §§ 84–90) requires that the State University of New York (University) make certain records available to the public. The law requires each campus and the system administration of the University to designate records access officers. Requests for information from the campus or the system administration should be directed to the respective records access officer at each location, as appropriate.

This policy defines guidelines on the acceptable use of computing resources owned, operated, and managed by SUNY Geneseo. This policy applies to all persons accessing or using Geneseo’s technology resources, including all faculty, staff, students, affiliates, volunteers, or visitors at the College, hereafter referred to as users.

This policy outlines the procedure for developing, approving, issuing, and maintaining all institutional policies at SUNY Geneseo and applies to all departments, faculty, staff, and students at the College.

The purpose of the procedures and policies detailed below is to provide a predictable and fair process for accomplishing the goals for which the college’s performance spaces are intended and for ensuring the safe and proper use of these facilities. Intended goals include fostering student learning and development, fostering faculty and staff professional activities, and enriching the college and surrounding communities through the arts.  The starting point for these procedures and policies is a recognition that all spaces at SUNY Geneseo, including performance spaces, are the property of the college.

This policy applies to SUNY Geneseo employees, students, auxiliary organizations (Campus Auxiliary Services, Research Foundation) contractors, tenants, and visitors.

This policy applies to all departments, faculty, staff, and students at the College. Social Security Numbers are highly confidential and legally protected data. Geneseo is committed to protecting the privacy and legal rights of its community members and to protecting community members from identity theft, one of the fastest-growing crimes.

This policy applies to:

  • All organizational units of the College.
  • All new and existing College websites, including those created, designed, or maintained by a vendor.

This policy does not apply to:

  • Archived web content that has not been modified since the effective date of this policy.
  • Individual web pages published by students, employees, or non-College organizations that are hosted by the College and do not conduct College-related business. Individuals and organizations responsible for these pages are encouraged to adopt the College’s policy and web standards.