Pre-Med/Pre-Health Tracks

It is encouraged that Geneseo students select a course of study that is consistent with their interests; it is not required that students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare complete a program of study in the sciences. By completing the prerequisite courses for professional school, students are building a rigorous science-based foundation.

Health professional schools, including medical schools, seek students who are passionate about their undergraduate studies. They select students with a demonstrated ability to ‘do science’ coupled with a well-rounded, liberal arts background that includes courses outside the sciences.

Consistent with our mission, Geneseo is a liberal arts college dedicated to preparing students for future study in all types of post-graduate programs, including – but not limited to – medical school. As a highly-selective public, liberal arts college, Geneseo students are sought by many of the finest post-graduate institutions in the nation.

"A liberal arts education allows the brain to draw connections between things. As you learn more and more about a variety of topics, your brain begins to crosslink concepts that help to reinforce ideas. Geneseo does an amazing job at allowing students to start building these links early and often through its interdisciplinary curriculum. As I progress through medical school, I am constantly reminded that everything in medicine is connected. Thanks to Geneseo, I am able to quickly draws these links which have only furthered my understanding of the multifaceted topics of medicine."  

Travis Wheeler, SUNY Geneseo graduate and med student at University of New England

Before beginning your Pre-Med/Pre-Health track at Geneseo, it is suggested you debunk some of the "myths" associated with medical (and other professional) schools: Medical School Myths - compiled by the pre-med advisor at the University at Buffalo.